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Quarantine Survival Guide: Beginning

Day 1

Take stock and settle in. What are your current resources and needs?

How are you feeling? You may be more tired than usual, or dealing with symptoms. Check in with Student Health if you notice any new symptoms. 504-865-3326

No, really, how are you feeling? :) Think about what you may need in the coming days to feel supported and healthy. Consider tracking your mood, browsing through this Guide to Anxiety and Worry in time of Uncertainty, or reflecting on one of these journal prompts. Remember that the UCC can do remote sessions, and call if you want to schedule something: 504-865-3835.

What’s your room looking like? If you moved to a new space, what did you bring? Unpack, organize, get settled, and think about what you might need to make this feel like home for the next few days. Consider ordering supplies that might be helpful for sustenance, entertainment, or comfort for the next 5 days.

Ideas: favorite snacks and beverages, signing up for the free seven-day premium streaming services, ordering new soaps or body washes, a hula hoop or a jump rope, karaoke apps, podcasts, etc.

Do you have everything you need for your classes? If not, reach out to your professors and classmates for support. Remember that you can still engage in virtual tutoring and success coaching.

Who knows that you're in quarantine/isolation? Send out the group text now, and think about scheduling facetime, calls, zoom etc so that you are talking to at least one human being every day.

All this alone time is going to leave you prone to asking the big questions, and looking for solace. Take stock of what you will need for your spiritual practice. Do you need to inform your spiritual community so they know to check in on you? Want spiritual companioning over the next few days? Reach out to a university minister for support by calling or texting 865-3622.


Okay, all settled in? Great! Have a good night. Try one of these apps if you need help falling asleep.

Day 2

Establish your routine. Set up a basic schedule for yourself and put reminders in your phone, or use whatever system works best for you.

What’s going to keep your body feeling good and healthy? Figure out physical activity that works for you, whether it’s yoga, the 7-minute workout, or on-line fitness classes. Use CampusClear to do your daily symptom check and reach out to Student Health if you have any concerns.

What do you need to manage moments of distress and anxiety? Make a list of healthy coping mechanisms that you can employ daily, or use an app to help out. Still struggling? Call the counselor on-call 504-865-3854 and ask for help figuring out healthy strategies to keep you sane.

Organize your space. I know this one may not sound fun, but you’ll likely be spending most of your time in your room. Make it a place that you want to be. Take time today to tidy up or decorate. Figure out a basic cleaning schedule for your body and your space that will work for you.

Map out your class schedule and study schedule. Create clear environment cues for “school time” vs “chillax” time.

Ideas: only study at your desk, close your laptop between classes, close out the school tabs when you are watching netflix, and vice versa.

Start the rotation! Who are you talking to today? Tomorrow? The next day? Reach out regularly and often to your people.

What’s your daily spiritual practice for this time? Consider meditation, the examen, or whatever feels personal and relevant to you.

Days 3–5

Keep it steady. Continue your routines. If you ordered off Amazon Prime, packages should be coming in–unpack your goodies and enjoy.

Check out the brainstorm list for daily activities to mix it up.