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Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith Ministry at Loyola is designed to support the spiritual growth of students from many faith backgrounds and to educate students about diverse faith traditions. Through partnerships with faith organizations in the Greater New Orleans area, our students and staff develop individual and ongoing programming that meets these ministry needs. 


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Interfaith Coalition

A body of "covenant partners" from on and off campus that, while ministering within their own distinctive traditions, cooperate through monthly meetings and occasional co-programming to serve the needs of all students. If you would like to hear from a particular faith community, complete this form.

Interfaith Prayer Room

Located on the lower level of the Danna Student Center, open to all for private prayer and spiritual time. Includes two chairs, lamps, a stencil “E” indicating the Eastern direction, Bibles, copies of the Qur’an, copies of the Tanakh and Mishkan, prayer rugs and hijabs, clock, prayer message board, and end table.

Guidelines for Use:

The Prayer Room is to be used for prayer/meditation and religious observances only, and not as a lounge, study room, meeting room, or for other purposes not involved with prayer/meditation. Please respect the requirement for a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.

  • Shoes are to be removed immediately upon entrance of the Prayer Room.
  • The Holy Qur'an is not to be handled with bare hands.
  • The use of fire, including lit candles or incense, is not permitted in the Prayer Room.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Prayer Room. Exceptions due to religious ceremony may be permitted, as approved by the Department of Student Life and Ministry.
  • Please keep the Prayer Room clean. All personal and group materials are to be removed from the space after use. Mats/carpets need be returned to the allotted location. Furniture must remain in the facility and restored to the original position.
  • Symbols of faith must be removed after each individual or group usage, and the overall tone of the room shall be religiously neutral.
  • Any damages to space or equipment must be promptly reported to the Department of Student Life and Ministry at


If you would like to be contacted by a representative from one or more of the faith communities listed below, fill out this form.

BCM Christian Community

Corey Olivier: | 504.616.4216

Chi Alpha: Christian Fellowship

Joshua Byrd: | 415.724.3687

Jewish Student Community

Dr. Naomi Yavneh: | 504.865.2396

Muslim Student Association

Dr. Adil Khan: | 504.865.3679

Wesley Foundation – United Methodist Campus Ministry

Zoë Garry: | 315.771.1135

Catholic Fellowship

Ken Weber: | 504.865.3167

Manresa Den (Bobet Hall, First Floor) and Magis Lounge (Danna Student Center, Lower Level)

Available for small prayer gatherings, including religious services, by reservation.