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One of the best ways to enrich your collegiate years is to get involved with clubs and organizations that fit your interests. There are plenty of ways to get involved since there are over 100 active student organizations on Loyola’s campus. Getting actively involved on campus and in the New Orleans Community will not only help you find what you’re passionate about, but it will also give you the best four years of your life. Check out HowlConnect for events and review our organizations' HowlConnect portal to learn about how to get involved even from a distance!

Start a Student Organization

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All of the student organizations on Loyola’s campus offer a variety of opportunities for you. You will be able to make new friends, develop diverse leadership skills and participate in service projects on and off campus.


HowlConnect is our student engagement platform that connect students to meaningful opportunities as well as easily manage and track involvement. HowlConnect primarily serves three distinct groups of users: students looking to get involved, student leaders, and administrators. Check out this brief tutorial of HowlConnect. See below for a calendar of upcoming events. 

What can I do on HowlConnect?

  • Search events 

  • Explore student organizations 

  • Check-into events 

  • Read news from student organizations and departments 

  • & so much more! 


Corq is the mobile app for HowlConnect. Corq helps students discover engaging co-curricular opportunities such exploring  events taking place on campus and “public” events taking place at other institutions, view a listing of active student organizations, and access your “Event Pass” for you to easily check-in to events. You can use the filter option, Perks, to view events that have “free food”, “free stuff” and “credit”. Other campuses that utilize this same software include Tulane, LSU, Dillard, and Xavier. That means you can see events taking place on their campuses as well!  Download Corq today free from your app store to stay up to date with everything going on at Loyno!

The Department of Student Life and Ministry is dedicated to fostering the leadership development of students. Professional staff are available to present to student organizations on an array of subjects.  Fill out the Student Life and Ministry Presentation Request Form at least two weeks before the date of the event/meeting to have a staff member present.

If you’re a student at Loyola University New Orleans and looking for ways to get involved, joining one of our 100+ student organizations is a great choice. However not every organization you talk to may be registered with the Department of Student Life and Ministry, and that means there are risks involved with joining. 

Unrecognized organizations do not receive support or oversight from the University. In addition, unrecognized groups do not receive University training and/or education on risk management (such as Social Host Training). Because these groups are unrecognized, they do not have faculty or staff advisors to mentor members and oversee the organization.  Lastly, these organizations are prohibited from reserving space on campus and receiving funding from the university.

A group that is unrecognized could have this status due to one of the following situations:

  • The group has never sought recognition

  • The group sought recognition and was denied

  • The group was recognized at one point in time and was either voluntarily unrecognized or unrecognized by the university for a variety of potential reasons, including, but not limited to, conduct issues and/or hazing.

The safety of our students is everyone’s top priority at Loyola University New Orleans. As such, Loyola University New Orleans does not sanction the activities of unrecognized organizations, and students are prohibited from affiliating and promoting non-recognized student organizations. Students are also prohibited from promoting the goals, purposes, identity, programs, or activities of suspended organizations or organizations that are not chartered. 

If students choose to join an unrecognized group, they could be putting themselves at risk. Therefore, students, departments, club/intramural sports, registered student organizations, and other organizations should avoid joining or collaborating with any unrecognized group. Joining unrecognized organizations and/or participating in activities of unrecognized organizations is considered a policy violation and could result in sanctions up to and including suspension from the university.

If you are concerned about dangerous club activity, please contact Dale O’Neill, Ph.D., in the Department of Student Life and Ministry.

If you have any questions about student organizations, please contact Tia Teamer