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Leadership and Social Justice

At Loyola, we believe leadership and social justice are inseparably tied. Our leadership programs are structured based on, among other things, The Social Change Model of Leadership (1994). This values-based model shows us how the process of leadership can facilitate social change. According to the Social Change Model, leadership happens at individual, group, and societal levels. We utilize the social change model across all of our leadership programs to ensure students are becoming effective leaders for social change. 

Leadership at LOYNO

Students have many different options for getting involved with leadership at Loyola. Some options include:

  • The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): This 8-week long leadership program centers itself on the belief that all people have leadership potential. An excellent option particularly for first and second year students, this brief community building program introduces students to important concepts and ideas of leadership while also opening the door for future leadership experiences. Students will engage in workshops allowing them to explore their values, strengths, and passions in order to fully realize and understand their own leadership philosophies.
  • Magis Student Leadership Awards: This annual recognition of student leadership at Loyola celebrates the accomplishments of student leaders across the university. 
  • L.I.T. Conference: The L.I.T. (Leading, Innovating, Transforming Conference) is a peer-led conference by and for students. The conference provides students the opportunities to showcase their skills and learn from others, all while having a good time! L.I.T. is a perfect way to experience leadership for everyone, whether you have had a lot of experience with leadership, or just a little.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa: This leadership honors society recognizes the most talented and accomplished rising juniors and seniors on campus. Invitations are sent in early March. Selected applicants are then interviewed before being admitted to the honors society. These students organize high level leadership initiatives on campus and are recognized at the Magis Student Leadership Award ceremony.