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Living on campus at Loyola is all about getting involved and becoming a leader in your community. Loyola students explore leadership and involvement in many ways. What better way than to work where you live? Learn how here!

  • Student Employment: Residential Life is proud to have some of the most involved and energetic student leaders at Loyola on staff in our four residence halls. We have several leadership positions, one could be a great fit for you.
  • Work-Study Program: We are proud to offer Desk Assistant and Office Assistant positions through the Work-Student program.
  • Residence Hall Association: Loyola’s Residence Hall Association serves as a liaison to Residential Life administration, and gives a unified voice to campus residents.
  • Professional Staff Opportunities: Learn more about our professional team and any available positions!

Student Employment

The residence halls at Loyola are an incubator for the campus leaders of tomorrow. Getting involved on campus is the best decision you can make while you are in college, and what better place to start than in your own residence hall?

Resident Assistant

RAs live on each floor and can help to answer students’ questions while working to build a strong community. The RA facilitates social and educational opportunities for the residence hall community. Learn more about how to become an RA »

Hourly Staff Positions

Residential Life hires many students in multiple hourly staff positions, including Desk Managers, Desk Assistants, and Office Assistants. Learn more about working with Residential Life »

Summer Staff

Residential Life loves hiring students to serve in various staff positions over the summer! What better way to stay connected with Loyola and New Orleans in the off-season? Learn more about summer staff »

Work-Study Program

Residential Life employs numerous students every year through the Federal Work-Study program. We offer flexible scheduling and an opportunity to work right where you live!

Residential Life generally has availability for Desk Assistants, who work at the front desk in each residence hall, as well as Office Assistants, who work with the central office staff in Biever Hall.

Look for us at the Work-Study Fair during Wolfpack Welcome, or contact our office if you are interested in learning more!

Find out more information about the Federal Work-Study Program at Loyola

Professional Staff Opportunities

Our pro-staff team is energetic; hard working; team oriented; and motivated by possibilities, challenging the status quo, and finding creative solutions to complex problems. We are grounded in our Jesuit heritage, The Speed of Trust, and Strengths Quest. We value transparency, follow-through, creativity, personal responsibility, fun and celebrating our accomplishments!

Interview Preparation

We believe in transparency and understand this is a mutual matching process. We also believe the questions we ask you and you ask us in an interview screening and in the official interview process help communicate values. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions to help prepare you for your interview and learn more about what it could be like working with our team!

How do I officially apply?

Apply through Loyola’s Human Resources department.