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Work for Residential Life

Student staff are the backbone of Residential Life, and we are one of the biggest employers of students at Loyola!


Any Loyola student in good standing with the University is eligible to work with Residential Life. We encourage students with federal work-study eligibility to apply for staff positions, though we also offer employment to students without work-study through the University payroll system.

Getting Paid

All of the positions below are paid on an hourly basis. The current starting salary for Residential Life staff positions is $7.25 per hour. Performance evaluations are conducted regularly, and all staff members are eligible for performance-based wage increases.

Staff Positions

Desk Assistant

DAs are hired to staff the front desks in each residence hall. DAs are the first smiling face that residents see when they come home, and in many cases DAs get to know every resident in their hall! DAs are responsible for managing visitation of guests, checking out equipment to residents, and addressing policy violations.

Desk Manager

DMs are hired to assist the Area Director in supervising the Desk Assistant staff. DMs are responsible for scheduling the desk shifts, managing shift swaps, and assisting in payroll management. DMs are required to work a minimum of three hours at the desk for which they are paid the hourly rate. DMs also receive a stipend for the semester for their administrative responsibilities. All positions are currently filled for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Office Assistant

OAs are student leaders who are hired to help with the more administrative tasks in the main Residential Life office. An OA's job duties could be different every day, but commonly include answering telephones, taking messages, filing paperwork, managing package deliveries, and assisting students who stop by the office.

Work Crew

Work Crew is hired seasonally for special projects and tasks requiring physical labor. Projects may include cleaning, moving furniture, delivering packages and materials, minor carpentry and other campus improvement initiatives.

Apply Today!

Download the Desk Assistant Position Description

Download the Desk Manager Position Description

Download the Office Assistant Position Description

Download an Hourly Employee Availability Sheet

Residential Life Student Hourly Employment Application

Simply submit an application, including a current resume and availability sheet. We will contact you when hours are available, or if we require further information from you.

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