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Packing for Loyola

While packing, it is important to consider a few things regarding the climate and space in your room.

  • New Orleans weather is hot and humid and usually does not really cool down until the beginning of December. You may want to leave your winter clothing at home until Thanksgiving break.
  • Your room is equipped to house two or three students and their belongings. Bring only the necessities at first. You will want to work with your roommate(s) on getting organized before packing a lot of extras!
  • Coordinate with your new roommate(s). You will only need only one of many items (TV, MicroFridge, rug, etc.), and you don't want to deal with shipping things home while you are adjusting to college life.

We have compiled a list of items that you may wish to bring and other items that you will need to leave at home.  Check out our options for packages and early drop off programs for a smooth arrival on campus!  

    Must-haves for Loyola and New Orleans:

    • Protective mattress cover (REQUIRED)
    • Emergency "Go Bag" (COVID, Tropical Weather, other)
      • Medicine box (over the counter & prescription medications)
      • Thermometer
      • Face coverings
      • Clothing for 5-7 days
      • Travel size toiletry bag
      • Phone charger
      • Favorite snacks
      • Re-usable water bottle
      • Bath and face towels
      • Hand sanitizer/hand soap
      • Sweater/sweat shirt
      • Sheets/pillow/blanket (grab from room)
      • Backpack/laptop/school work (grab from room)
      • Phone, keys, student ID (grab from room)
    • Headphones/ear phones with mic (for virtual courses, etc)
    • First aid kit and personal medications
    • Bed linens
      • Biever Hall, Cabra Hall, Carrollton Hall, Founders, and Buddig Hall (floors 2-5) require Twin Long sheets (36" x 80")
      • Buddig Hall (floors 6-12) require Twin Regular sheets (36" x 76")
      • Please note that Buddig Hall floors 6-12 have beds which are built into the wall and floor. This means there is no under-bed storage. All other floors in Buddig Hall and the other residence halls have adjustable beds, which allows for some under-bed storage.
    • Bedspread/comforter
    • Laundry basket and supplies
    • Pillows
    • Towels and toiletries
    • Alarm clock
    • Clothes hangers
    • Umbrella and rain boots
    • Household cleaning supplies
    • Wastebasket
    • School supplies
    • Planner or appointment book
    • Emergency snacks and water on hand

    Not required, but nice to have:

    • MicroFridge™ (convenient rentals available from our preferred partner Collegiate Concepts)
    • Desk lamp
    • Iron or steamer
    • Personal computer or laptop
    • Surge protector
    • Posters or art
    • Area rug
    • Coffeemaker (with automatic shut off)

    Items that are prohibited in Loyola's residence halls:

    • Microwaves (unless part of a MicroFridge™ unit or you live in an apartment)
    • Halogen lamps
    • Candles or oil lamps
    • Incense
    • Extension cords or multi outlet plugs (surge protectors are okay)
    • Pets (except aquarium fish). All pets are prohibited at the Alder Hotel. 
    • Knives or other weapons
    • Illicit drugs and other illegal substances
    • Space heaters
    • Explosives and fireworks
    • Combustible materials
    • Open coil appliances or cooking appliances including: hot plates, electric skillets, toasters and toaster ovens