Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides an overview of the following topics: the student code of conduct, student rights and freedoms, student responsibilities and expectations, discipline policies and procedures, sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment policy and guidelines, academic information, and a quick-reference campus phone directory.

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Student Handbook Chapters

Welcome Letter from Dr. Cissy Petty, Vice President of Student Affairs & Associate Provost

Introduction to Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola Student Government Association

Whom to See About What - Campus Phone Directory

Student Code of Conduct

The Office of Student Affairs manages all non-academic misconduct allegations for the undergraduate and graduate student populations at Loyola University New Orleans. The judicial process at Loyola grants a student the opportunity to learn from mistakes. In doing so, students should hopefully gain a better understanding of their responsibility and role in the Loyola community.

Read the full text of the Student Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct Chapters

Section 1: Preamble

  • University Mission Statement
  • Definitions
  • Institutional Authority
  • Student Conduct Philosophy
  • Prevention, Education & Training

Section 2: Student Responsibilities, Expectations & Procedures

Section 3: Student Policies

Section 4: Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, & Harassment Policy

Section 5: Student Disciplinary Procedures

Section 6: Student Rights & Freedoms

Section 7: Crisis Support Services

If you have any questions about the Student Code of Conduct, please contact Robert Reed, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, at (504) 865-3737; Alex Kelch-Brickner, Associate Director of Student Conduct, at (504) 864-7151; or Nikolina Camaj, Assistant Director of Residential Community Standards, at (504) 861-5410.

Academic Information

The Student Handbook also includes academic information for your reference.  For more information or if you have any questions, please refer to your University Bulletin.  You may also contact the Office of Student Records, your Academic Advisor or the Dean's Office for your respective college.

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