Room Selection

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Room Selection Process!

We are so excited that you are interested in living with us this upcoming academic year.

Below, you will find the following information:


  1. Students participating in the Room Selection process must each complete a Housing Application (and note their intended Meal Plan option for the upcoming year) by the given deadline online through your Residence Account.

  2. Once your application is approved will receive email notification of the number of Quality Points they have acquired while attending classes at Loyola. 

  3. Once applicants have confirmed that the number of Quality Points reported is correct, Residential Life will assign Selection Slots (a specific date and time) for each participant in order of their Quality Points and class year. 

  4. Four days before the Room Selection opens, participants will be able to access the Roommate Grouping function through Residence and can begin organizing the group of students they plan to live with. 

  5. Finally, students can select the available room of their choice during/after their assigned Selection Slot and celebrate victoriously with their new roommates!

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February 1-29
Room Selection Applications are Accepted
February 29
Room Squatting Requests Close (Requests Made via the Housing Application)
March 2
Special Accommodations Request Deadline
Quality Point Totals are E-mailed to Approved Applicants
March 2-7  
Quality Point Total Appeals are Accepted
March 8
Selection Slots are E-mailed to Approved Applicants
March 9-18      
Roommate Grouping Function Opens  (for Entirety of Selection)
March 14-18
Room Selection Opens (March 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26 9AM-5PM))
March 18
Housing Exemption Request Deadline
June 1
Housing Cancellations Deadline


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Residential Life utilizes an online application and assignments system called Residence.  Each student received a username and password upon being accepted at Loyola University which will allow them access to complete the Housing Application and the additional steps to select their 2016-2017 residence hall room or apartment. 

Residence System »

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Participants and Exemptions

Any currently enrolled, full-time student  who, at the close of the Spring 2016 semester, has complete less than two full years of college (56 credit hours) is REQUIRED to live on campus and should completed the Housing Application.  

Exemption Information »

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Quality Points

Priority for Room Selection during Room Selection assigned based on class standing and Quality Points. "Quality Points" refers to the multiplication of a student's Cumulative GPA by their total completed Credit Hours (GPA x Hours = Quality Points).

Residential Life will automatically pull students’ Quality Point values from Loyola's student records system (LORA), however Quality Point totals may be found in LORA on the "Institutional Coursework" screen should a student wish to review them.

Students who participated in the Intensive English Program this Fall will need to contact the Center for International Education to find out more information about their points. Residential Life works with the CIE to manually assess appropriate Room Selection priority for IEP students.

Selection Slots

Students will first be assigned Selection Slots (a specific date and time) based on class standing. For example, all Seniors will receive Selection Slot times before Juniors, who will receive times before Sophomores, and so on.

Within each class group, priority for Selection Slots is assigned based on Quality Points. For example, a Senior with 350 Quality Points will have a Room Selection time before a Senior with 342.5 Quality Points.

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Room Type and Occupancy Breakdown

Biever Hall
2-6 Unavailable
Buddig Hall
2-6 Available
Double Occupancy
Individual OR
Roommate Pair
Squatting Available
7-12  Unavailable
Carrollton Hall
2-5 Available
Double Occupancy
Individual OR
Roommate Pair
Squatting Available
6-7 Available
Single OR Double Occupancy
Apartment ONLY
Cabra Hall
3-4  Available
Single OR Double Occupancy
Individual OR
Roommate Pair
5 Available
2 Unavailable
Single OR Double Occupancy
Full/EntireApartment ONLY

Room Styles & Occupancy Information »

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Roommate Groups and Selection Types 

Students are not required to go through room selection with a group unless they are looking to select a bed in one of the Carrollton Hall apartments on 6-7 or Cabra Hall apartments on 5.

If you are looking to sign up with a roommate or a group of students for an apartment, you will utilize the Roommate Group function in Residence which will become available four (4) days prior to the first Selection Slot.  Once the Roommate Group function opens, students should log into the Residence system to create their “Group” based on the size of the room they are wishing to select using the private roommate codes provided to each student. Each student MUST request/accept each other in order to finalize the Roommate Grouping.

The roommate Group should be led by the individual with the EARLIEST Selection Slot time so that the Group utilizes the earliest Selection Slot possible.  This individual will be responsible for selecting the room and assigning the specific bed during their Selection Slot.

Rooms listed as… “Individual or Roommate Pair” indicates that an individual may select a bed for just themselves in either a single or a double occupancy bedroom OR may select a bed for themselves and their desired roommate in a double occupancy bedroom.

Rooms listed as… ”Full/Entire Apartment ONLY” indicates that an individual may only select an apartment if they have the EXACT number of individuals in their Roommate Group as beds available in that room.  The person selecting the apartment must assign each person to a specific bed within that apartment.

REMEMBER: Discuss a plan of action in the event that the room/apartment or another one of similar size the Group desired becomes unavailable (i.e. someone else has selected that space already) before their leader’s Selection Slot. For example, who will you remove from the Roommate Group if there are no 5-person apartments are available? Who will you pair together in a bedroom if there are no 5-person, single occupancy only apartments available?

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Squatting Your Room

Current residents living in spaces that are labeled “Squatting Available” may elect to live in their current room the following year and skip the rest of the Room Selection process.  Those wishing to squat in their room must indicate their intention on the Housing Application and provide their desired roommate’s unique roommate code on the application if they wish to select their roommate. 

Current students living in designated first-year housing in Buddig and Biever Halls will not be permitted to squat in their current rooms because those rooms will be reserved for incoming First-Year students for 2016-2017. Current students living in Carrollton Hall or Cabra Hall apartments will not be permitted to squat in their current room due to the highly competitive nature of those spaces.

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If two partially-empty rooms can be consolidated into one, Residential Life will use its discretion to do so and notify the students whose assignments change. This consolidation would likely take place only AFTER Room Selection is complete and could continue even into the academic year.

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Students requesting Medical Accommodations should contact the Academic Resource Center at 504-865-2990 or via email at These should be submitted by March 6 in order to ensure appropriate accommodations. 

Accommodation Information »

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Meal Plans

While completing the Housing Application, you will be required to select a Meal Plan option for the new year. It is important to review the Meal Plan options and discuss the associated costs with your family (if necessary) before completing your Housing Application since it will automatically be included in your Fall semester bill.

Sophomore students must carry a weekly meal plan. Options include 12, 15, and 19 meals per week or a 'combo' plan that combines 9 meals per week with the flexibility of 75 Block meals per semester. Each of these plans includes varying amounts of Wolf Bucks.

Juniors and Seniors must carry at least a $500 Wolfbucks ONLY plan, but may carry any other meal plan at their option.

Meal Plan Information »

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Contract Terms

Housing contracts are binding for the full academic year (just like a lease for a home or apartment off campus).  When a student completes a Housing Contract and selects a suite/apartment, they are committing to living on campus for the full academic year.  

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Sophomores are required to live on campus, and therefore are not eligible to cancel their Housing Contract, except as allowed in the terms of the Contract. Students who cancel their housing after they have selected their room will immediately forfeit that space and may be assessed cancellation penalties as outlined in the Residence Hall Contract. Residential Life will use their discretion to assign someone else to the vacant space.

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Communication and Support

Throughout this entire process, Residential Life will communicate directly with students via their Wolf Mail accounts to provide additional information about upcoming requirements and their personal Housing Application status.  It is expected that students refer to their email for vital information regarding the process and their participation in it.  

Occasional updates will be posted on the Residential Life:

Feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding the process or your application in person (Biever Hall 103), via phone call (504-865-2445), or via email (!

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Interested in seeing what we did with the information you shared with us on our survey?  

We Heard You - Room Selection Process Assessment »