Wolf Bucks vs. Express Cash

In addition to the student’s meal plan, the Loyola Express Card has the ability to carry Wolf Bucks and debit dollars. These two functions have important differences of which the student should be aware.

Wolf Bucks

Wolf Bucks come with every meal plan, and additional Wolf Bucks may be purchased any time by submitting a request. Wolf Bucks may be used at dining locations at both Loyola University and Tulane University. Wolf Bucks may only be used on food purchases at approved campus dining locations.

Wolf Bucks offer parents peace of mind to know that those funds will be used by the student only for dining purposes. Wolf Bucks also are tax-benefited, so the student pays less tax at dining locations.
Wolf Bucks may be purchased separately in $100 increments. Wolf Bucks will be added to the student’s Loyola ID Card and the bill will be applied directly to the student’s tuition account. Wolf Bucks account balances will carry over between semesters (i.e. fall to spring, spring to summer) not between academic years. Money remaining on the Wolf Bucks account on May 15th of each year will be forfeited to Loyola.

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Express Cash

The Express Card is also a debit card. To utilize this function, the student or parent must deposit money with the Bursar’s Office and the appropriate amount will be credited to the student’s Express Card. Express Cash may be used at any food or retail location on Loyola’s campus, including the Bookstore, CC's, and certain vending machines, in addition to campus dining locations.

Contact the Bursar’s Office to add Express Cash.

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