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Homecoming is set for February 6-12, 2022. Your 2021-2022 homecoming co-chairs are Crystal Roa and Catherine Kurucar! They are hard at work building our team and preparing for a safe and fun homecoming.

Committee Chairs

This team will be the heart and pulse of Homecoming. Full position descriptions are listed in the application. This application will close September 12 at 11:45PM. 

Events Coordinator - Plans and executes all aspects of the day to day programming during homecoming week. Some events include Tailgate, Kickoff, Day of Service, and Bonfire.

Marketing Coordinator - Oversees and delegates all promotional efforts made my the homecoming committee such as banners, posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk, and committee appearances. 

War of the Wolves Coordinator - Oversees the daily challenges for student organizations.

Royalty Coordinator - Develops and oversees the nomination, selection, and other activities related to the Homecoming Court

Core Committee - This is the team that keeps homecoming going This application will close September 12 at 11:45PM. 

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