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Guidelines for Reserving Ignatius Chapel

Ignatius Chapel is available for weddings, baptisms and prayer services. Any Liturgy that will take place in the chapel has to be approved by Student Life and Ministry. Questions? Please contact Ken Weber

  1. All requests to reserve Ignatius Chapel must be submitted to and approved by the director of Student Life and Ministry on a case-by-case basis. Email to request a reservation.
  2. In general, the chapel may be reserved for prayer, worship, or other spiritual programs and events. Other events are typically prohibited, but requests may be submitted for review.
  3. All parties using the chapel shall be responsible for restoring it to the condition in which they found it, including, but not limited to, chairs and all furniture in their original positions, linens free of debris and any wrinkling, carpet free of any debris (vacuumed, if necessary). It is recommended that a picture of the chapel be taken before any event, to be used as a record when restoring the chapel after the event.
  4. All furniture in the chapel is sacred. No piece of furniture (except the congregation chairs) is to be used for any reason outside of Catholic Mass, unless explicit permission has been granted by the director of SLM. If "utility" furniture is required (e.g., folding tables), they are to be requested at the time of the initial request to use the chapel.