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Admission Policies

If an opening becomes available, the Center gives priority to the children who are currently enrolled (i.e., the teacher in the class directly below the class level with the vacancy evaluates the developmental level of the oldest child in the class to determine if the child is ready to advance to the next level. If the child is ready to advance, he/she is then moved to the next class and the process begins again. Therefore, this process may leave a vacancy in younger classes depending upon how many children progress to the next level. If there is not a child in the younger class who is ready to progress, the opening will remain in that class level. After this process, depending upon the class with the vacancy, the opening will be made available to the first child on the waiting list who is the appropriate age for the class). The Center does not discriminate in the admission of children on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, or children who have disabilities. Children from the age of 6 weeks. to five years of age are eligible for enrollment in the program. Since the Center primarily operates to serve the university community, at least one parent must be a student, faculty member, staff member, or alumnus of Loyola University New Orleans. People from the community are invited to attend depending on availability of space.

Parents are provided a pre-enrollment visit and center tour.

The following documents must be on file prior to completion of enrollment:

  1. Enrollment card completed front and back signed by the parent(s).
  2. Physician's statement with current record of immunizations.
  3. Emergency transportation permission form.
  4. Diaper Cream Permission form (if applicable).
  5. Infant feeding and bottle consent form (for children less than 12 months of age).
  6. Consent form.
  7. Off-Site Activities form.
  8. Staying at Home form.
  9. Signed Parent Handbook form.