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Arriving on Campus

We are excited to welcome you to campus in August! Ahead of residential move-in, Residential Life will send a plethora of move-in information to your email address to help you prepare for your arrival.   You can find general information about move-in, however, below.

Move-in Dates

  • New Student Move-in: August 13-14
  • Returning Student Move-in: August 16-17


Move-in Sign-ups

To expedite the check-in process all students are required to sign up for a move-in timeslot on their designated move-in dates. More information about this process and signs up links will be included in your assignment email, as well as sent throughout the summer.


Pre-Campus Arrival Check List

There are several things that you will need to complete before you will be able to check in on campus.  If you complete these by August 1st, you will be able to go through the Pre-Approved move in process

  • Immunization records: please have these updated by with Student Heath Services by August 1st.  
  • Hurricane Evacuation Plan: Please complete the Hurricane Evacuation Plan in The Housing Director.  This application will allow us to know your plans should you need to evacuate due to inclement weather. Please have this updated by August 1st.  
  • Course Registration: Students living in on-campus housing are required to be enrolled as a full time student. If you are not enrolled in classes, staff members from Residential Life will contact you regarding your assignment. Failure to enroll in classes may cause your housing assignment and meal plan to be cancelled.
  • Financial Account: Before arriving to campus, please ensure that your financial account has been cleared by paying the amount owed or by setting up a payment plan through Student Financial Services. For questions about your account, please contact SFS by emailing or calling 504-865-3337.

Canceling your Housing Assignment: If you are canceling your housing, you will need to complete the 2024-2025 Housing Cancellation Application application in The Housing Director.


Arriving to campus

We are asking that all students arrive to campus using the route below:

  • From S Claiborne Ave, please turn onto Broadway St towards St. Charles Avenue
  • After Driving .9 miles, please turn Left onto Freret St.
  • After driving .4miles, you will turn right into the road next to the parking garage.
  • There you will stop at the drive-up check-in station located outside the Freret Street Garage.  Staff will direct you where to go after that.  


Unloading your Car

To unload your car, each resident is given a designated spot on the first floor of a parking garage to unload your car for one hour. During move-in, you will only be allowed to use the elevator for your room during this one-hour window. During this window, we are asking that your sole task is unloading your car. Please do not decorate or begin to unpack in your room until your car is unpacked.

Below are detailed instructions for car unloading procedures:

  • When you arrive at your parking garage, please pick a parking spot on the 1st of the West Garage. 
  • If you need a blue bin to assist with move-in, there will be a check-out location in the Residential Quad.  Please note, blue bins are limited and will be checked out at a first come, first serve process.  
  • It is suggested that you bring your own moving equipment (bins, dollies, etc). 
  • You may use the elevators during your designated move-in time 
  • After you have completely unloaded your car, please return your blue bin (if you borrowed one) and move your car to the upper floor of the parking garage


Elevator Use

During your move-in time slot, we are asking that residents and families only use the elevator to go up during move-in unless you have a physical need to use the elevator going down. After your time slot has closed, you will only be allowed to use the stairs (unless you have a physical need to use the elevator).

When waiting for the elevator, you will take your items to the elevator line for each building.

There will be designated waiting spots for the elevator that will be socially distanced apart.

The elevators will be limited to one family at a time. After 5pm each day, the elevators will be opened so that residents and guests can use the elevator to bring in more items. We are asking that Residents and Guests adhere to the elevator capacity limits and social distancing guidelines placed forth.


Room Condition Reports Within 48 hours after checking into the residence halls, you will need to log into The Housing Director and complete the Room Condition Report. To access the room condition report, you click “more” and then “Room Condition Report.” Make any adjustments to the form and then click “Submit.” Once this form is submitted, you will not be able to make any changes or edits. You may be held responsible for damages that were not listed on your room condition report when your student checks out of the Residence Halls.


We look forward to welcoming your student to the Wolfpack in just a few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by emailing or texting 504-384-7953.


Stay connected by following us on Facebook and Instagram or chat with a member of Residential Life Staff by texting 504-384-7953!


Directly ship to Loyola using UPS, FEDEX, or DHL. Please use the resident’s full legal name and the following address:

Full Legal Name

200 LaSalle Ct.

New Orleans, LA 70118. 

For more information please visit the mail service website.