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Speaking to Yourself with Compassion

Worry can come from a place of concern - we worry about others when we care for them. Emphasizing the caring component of concern can bring us a little comfort in the midst of stress. Using this thought record you can practice responding to your anxious or worrying thoughts with compassion.

How can I speak to myself with compassion?

A common therapy technique for replacing negative, upsetting, and stressful thoughts is to write them down and explore different ways of responding to those bad thoughts. Once you record a negative thought, consider what you would say to someone you love if that person was experiencing the same negative negative thought. For more information on how to speak to your worry with compassion, take a look at the example Compassionate Thought Challenging Record below:


Record 1

Now consider how you can apply your own experiences with worry and anxiety to a Compassionate Thought Challenging Record by using the blank thought record included below.


Record 2

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