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Maintaining Balance in Your Life

Finding Balance

Changes in our normal daily activities and routines due to the current health situation can be unsettling! Social distancing, working from home, and completing remote classes can make it difficult to do things that we would usually do to practice self-care.

One way we can try to continue taking care of ourselves is to make new daily routines that include balance of pleasure, social connection, and achievement.


Pleasure: When we are struggling with anxiety and worry, we can lose touch with things that used to give us pleasure. Plan to do some activities each day that are pleasurable and make you feel joyful.

Social Connection: We are social animals so we need and naturally crave closeness and connection with other people. With the current health crisis many of us may be physically isolated or distant from others, so it’s important that we consider creative ways to connect in order that we don’t become socially isolated and lonely.

Some ways that you can connect with family and friends include:

  • Phone calls
  • Video chats
  • Social media
  • Snail mail

You can even virtually “netflix and chill” with your loved ones by utilizing this new feature.

Achievement: We feel good when we have achieved or accomplished something so it’s helpful to include activities each day that give you a sense of achievement.

When we have an imbalance of these three areas, we can experience impacts on our mood.

Check-in with yourself at the end of every day and ask yourself:

  • “What did I do today that gave me a sense of achievement? Pleasure? Closeness with others?”
  • “Did I get a good balance?”
  • “What can I do differently tomorrow?”

How can you stay occupied?

Take a moment to look at the activity menu on the next page for some ideas of how to keep yourself occupied during social distancing.

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Activity Menu

After reviewing the menu, do any activities stand out for you? Which activities do you believe would be beneficial for you at this moment? Take a moment to make a commitment to engage in the above activities that appeal to you.

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