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Loyola Virtual Wellness Center

The Virtual Wellness Center is a self-guided medical visit with a Certified Medical Professional (MD or Advanced Nurse Practitioner).  It is an app based program which can be utilized via the virtual clinic in the Danna Center, or via your phone or laptop. Our on-site location is located in the Wellness Center, on the first floor of the Danna Center, next to the Women's restroom, and features diagnostic equipment to help with your visit. All students, faculty and staff can access this room when the Danna Center is open by using the card swipe at the door.

The Center has three components:

Virtual Urgent Care – The Urgent Care visits are free using the Ochsner Anywhere Care App and the Loyola coupon codes LUSTUDENT, LUFACULTY, or LUSTAFF.  The Urgent Care option is available on demand.  This option is used for medical triage of common illnesses. This option is for coughs, colds, sore throats, urinary pain, earaches, rashes, non-life threatening allergic reactions, fever, stomach aches, headaches, pink eye, etc. to name a few.

Virtual Behavioral Health – The Behavioral Health visit will cost $85. This visit does not run through a health insurance plan, so an $85 payment will be required up front. The Behavioral Health option is available via a scheduled appointment. One can schedule visits with the same provider each visit to maintain continuity of care. This option can help with addictions, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ support, grief and loss, panic and anxiety, trauma, PTSD, stress, etc. just to name a few. Since the Behavioral Health visits are scheduled and may take a little longer, we encourage you to use the phone app for these scheduled visits.

Ochsner Anywhere Care App - Access the Oschner Anywhere app from your phone or laptop 24/7. Virtual visits are free using the Ochsner Anywhere Care App and the Loyola coupon codes LUSTUDENT, LUFACULTY, or LUSTAFF. Ochsner Anywhere Care virtual visits offer immediate access to a healthcare provider from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ochsner Anywhere Care connects you to a licensed healthcare provider so you can get a diagnosis and treatment plan without ever having to leave your home or office. The following link provides a more in-depth look at the app and service. 

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