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Health Insurance

This year there is no Loyola sponsored health insurance plan for students. If you are currently insured, please go to your insurance website and make sure you have coverage in New Orleans. 

Please note, that while visits to Student Health Services are provided at no additional cost to students, any labs or tests will be charged to your insurance or your student account. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a plan to pay for your medical care.

Loyola is now partnering with GoHealth. GoHealth offers access to an online health insurance marketplace and licensed insurance agents to provide you with advice to help navigate one of the most important purchasing decisions. They can simplify the process by providing transparency of plan benefits and fit, help determine available government subsidies, and ensure your health coverage covers all your needs.

Click here to enter the Loyola GoHealth portal.

If you need additional help finding coverage, or transferring out-of-state medicaid to Louisiana medicaid, call 504-865-3835 and schedule a case management appointment.