Student Inquiries and Non-Academic Complaints

In all instances involving complaints of a non-academic matter a student may make a complaint informally or formally in writing to the staff member involved in the situation. If this discussion proves unsatisfactory, the student should then consult the supervisor. Complaints that are not resolved may be addressed to the departmental director, and if necessary, at the vice president level of that division. An impartial examination of the situation will occur and a response to the complaint will be provided. Should a student desire assistance in determining the nature of the complaint and/or the appropriate staff member or department to go to in initiating the complaint, the Office of Student Affairs can provide guidance in the complaint process. For complaints involving discrimination and/or harassment, please refer to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and file a Discrimination/Harassment Reporting Form. For complaints against any student, please refer to the Student Disciplinary Procedures outlined in Section 5 of the Student Code of Conduct.

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