Student Affairs Accomplishments 2006 - 2007

Athletics & Wellness 

  • Recent merger of athletics and recreation departments:
    • New emphasis on wellness
    • Improved lifeguard situation, consistent hours of pool operation
    • New e-mail list of all patrons
    • Improved communication for better service for patrons
    • Additional wellness/exercise classes for students
    • Weekly staff health and wellness meetings
  • Improvements in facility:
    • Improved room temperature in locker rooms
    • Hot & cold water in locker rooms
    • New cold water fountain
    • Additional lap clock in natatorium
    • New paint in shower area
    • New scale in locker room
  • New spirit band for men and women home basketball games
  • Improved game management team for all athletic games
  • Cross utilization with other campus groups for increase game attendance

Career Development

Formation, funding, and staffing of independent career development unit. Unit established August, 1, 2007. 

  • Initiated career-related educational programming – targeted programs designed for and delivered to specific classes and student affinity groups
  • Redesigned student appointment schedules to create more availability of appointments and easier access to staff
  • Incorporated academic internship office into the career development center to create one-stop shopping for students (and employers).
  • Initiated a bi-weekly newsletter for students, employers, and faculty/staff
  • Implemented an investment in use of technology to create 24/7 resource center for students (and employers)
  • Developing a sophomore year vocational exploration program in partnership with University Ministries and the College of Business.
  • Initiating a senior reach-out program to have contact with every senior prior to commencement
  • Deliver weekly internship and job search workshops

Co-Curricular Programs

Departmental Structure

  • Restructured and renamed department to ensure maximum effectiveness with aim of cocurricular programming
  • Restructured University Programming Board student leader positions
  • Hired three new staff members (master’s level)

New Student Orientation

  • Created Wolfpack Welcome, a series of new alcohol-free events targeted toward first year students. The dance party included 250 participants. The Late Night in the Danna Student Center saw over 350 participants
  • Reconvened New Student Orientation Advisory Committee to change structure for 2008, including separate tracks for transfer and commuter students
  • Coordinate and implement the “Opening Doors” program with faculty and divisional staff members (a program reaching out to on-campus first-year students)
  • Goalquest, our retention software, has seen an increase in registration with 216 users or 41.38% of the first year population. Number of articles read is 484 or 2 per user
  • Incorporated Goalquest Enrolligence information into Early Warning committee


  • Focus on late night and weekend programming. Created Saturdays in the City series to introduce students to all that New Orleans has to offer. Events are held either Saturday day or night (Swamp Tour, Opera, New Orleans Museum of Art, National D-Day Museum, Saints and Hornets games, etc.) Residential Life and Co-Curricular Programs sponsor weekly trivia nights on Fridays
  • Created a film series co-programmed with other student organizations and faculty/staff where appropriate: series focus on international films, films that teach, and blockbuster movies
  • Implementation of Global Café concept wherein students, faculty, and staff engage in deliberate dialogue on a given topic. This year we’ve addressed race relations and the connection between alcohol and sexual violence. In addition, the Loyola Society for Civic Engagement addressed global warming
  • Partnered with office of Parent and Alumni Relations to move Family Weekend to fall semester, optimizing parent involvement within the critical first six weeks of the school year. Coordinated the annual Fr. Carter Lecture series to coincide with Family Weekend
  • Sponsored bus ride to participate in the Jena 6 protest and march
  • University Programming Board is now successfully programming in advance and has doubled the number of programs offered each week (up from 1.3 to 2.5)
  • Increased risk management adherence by fraternities
  • Moved sorority recruitment to fall semester
  • Partnered with University Counseling Center to program around health & wellness and alcohol issues
  • Created weekly Stall Street Journal placed in Danna Student Center and Residence Halls restrooms that advertises upcoming events
  • Student Organizations have registered 108 programs to date. (place just under the bullet that UPB has doubled it's programs)

Commuter Student Outreach

  • Hosted commuter meals in September to enhance connectedness to the university. Final lunch had 90 students
  • Published monthly e-zine On the Go with feature stories, spotlight on key university events, New Orleans highlights, safety information and tips, resources, and an article featuring involved commuter students
  • Redesigned Commuter Services website
  • Held a commuter student meeting to hold a dialogue about issues pertinent to commuter students (25 students in attendance). Group is also working towards establishing a Commuter Student Association to launch in the spring of 2008

Comprehensive Leadership Development

  • Partnering with Enrollment Management to create a leadership fellows program
  • Implementing leadership living learning community for leadership fellows program
  • Refocusing special studies course with new syllabi and course content focusing on leadership fundamentals in the fall and the Social Change Model for the spring
  • Implementing StrenghtsQuest talent assessment to establish a common “leadership language” for participants
  • Implementing Pre-New Student Orientation leadership programs for August 2008 (outdoor leadership, New Orleans culture, and social justice/spirituality)
  • Implementing a First Year Leadership Organization targeted at new students
  • Implementing Auctus (workshops on various topics presented by on campus experts) and leadership certificate program
  • Partnered with Residential Life to create Magis student leadership retreat in Fall 07
  • Re-invigorated student leadership recognition process and annual banquet

Facility Enhancement and Services

  • Worked with proprietor of Dunbar’s Creole Café to relocate and open the restaurant on the Broadway campus; will implement Smart Market in spring 2008 to increase healthy menu options
  • In partnership with Tulane University, created Uptown Campus Dining concept where Wolf Bucks and Wave Bucks can be exchanged at retail outlets
  • In process of undergoing a $3M total renovation to student center. SGA purchased gaming equipment that is widely being used
  • Hired a new Loyola Dining Services management team. New executive chef trained under Ella Brennan at Commander’s Palace, among other achievements. Vinny Bruno has radically redefined the dining experience by focusing on quality ingredients and more sophisticated menu offerings
  • Sodexho implemented the Circle Customer Excellence training program for staff members to increase service and friendliness of staff
  • Bookstore contract will go out to bid Spring 2008


  • Restructured the student discipline system to make it more transparent, easier to understand, and allow for peer review and ownership
  • New code of conduct created
  • New student-lead Peer Review Board created, through the Student Government Judicial Board, to hear intermediate level cases

Quality Enhancement Plan

  • 3 staff members participate on FYE and Leadership Development committees

Residential Life

Presidential Safety Committee

  • Director of Residential Life served as Co-Chair

Partner with Tulane University to provide shuttle service to all students. This consists of:

  • Saturday Shopping Shuttle: The Saturday shopping shuttle operates on Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. The shuttle goes to the Riverside Mall located on Tchoupitoulas Street. Winn Dixie, Cingular Wireless, Walgreens, and Blockbuster are only a few of the stores located in the mall. In addition, Whole Foods grocery store on Magazine St. will also be a stop.
  • Saturday Entertainment Shuttle: The Saturday Entertainment shuttle operates on Saturday from 4:30 p.m. to midnight. The shuttle goes to Lakeside Mall, Clearview Mall, and the Clearview Palace Theater.
  • Safe Ride Shuttle: The Safe Ride operates from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Students will board this shuttle anywhere on the designated uptown route and be brought back to campus. It will not pick up students at an off campus location and bring students to another off campus location.
    • Provide the United Cab service for student safety by providing door to door transportation
    • Provide a 24/7 on call physician services for students
    • Provide 24/7 TEMS/Tulane Ambulance service for students

Development of Living-Learning Communities

  • Honors Hall: Work with Honors faculty to develop an exclusive residential community that supports the academic pursuits of the Honors department and increases 360-degree accountability for Honors students.
  • Global Village: In collaboration with International Programs, this community will bring together both international and US students in an environment designed to facilitate personal growth and global awareness.
  • Leadership Fellows- Collaboration with Co-Curricular Programs to facilitate a community of scholar leaders built around developing tomorrow’s civic leaders.
  • Social Justice: LUCAP is facilitating this community that brings action to social justice work, developing a commitment to service and action in community with others.
  • Emerging LLC concepts: Women’s Resource Center, Ignatian Spirituality, Sophomore Year Experience, and Psychology.

Department Re-organization

  • Addition of an Associate Director of Residential Education and Assistant Directors for each residence hall community


  • Installation of eight 42” LCD HD televisions in select common areas within the residence halls, complete by end of Fall 2007


  • Enhanced utilization of RMS database software. Plan to have billing/accounting completely automated and operational for Fall 08
  • Upgrade of LSCN campus tv station, with fully digital service operating 24 hrs., including films and educational material
  • Developing automated (digital) programs to replace paper processes (banned list, mailbox assignment and combination management)
  • Creation of department-wide share drive, allowing us to centralize filekeeping and backup files on a shared server

University Counseling Center/Student Health Services

Summary of Student Satisfaction Enhancements:

  • Contracted with Tulane Emergency Medical Service
  • Provides the Loyola community with high quality emergency medical care ambulance service with a low response time
  • Implemented Fall 07

Physician On-call 

  • Contracted with Tulane Student Health Center Physician On-call service.
  • Provides the Loyola residential student community with after-hours and weekend access to a physician by beeper for urgent medical conditions.
  • Implemented Fall 07.

Counselor On-call

  • Provides the Loyola residential and non-residential student community with after-hours and weekend access to a counselor on-call for urgent mental health conditions
  • Implemented for approximately 20 years

LSU Health Sciences Center

  • Contracted with LSUHSC Department of Pediatrics for Staff Physicians, Staff Nurse Practitioners, and Staff Nurses to provide primary medical and preventive health care to students, faculty and staff of Loyola
  • Enhanced integration of the administration of student counseling and health services through increased consultation, communication, and collaboration between Staff Physicians and Staff Counselors
  • Incorporated university police radio in Student Health Services to minimize response time to medical emergencies
  • Implemented Fall 07

Early Warning Team

  • Invited members of the University Police to join the early warning team in an effort to improve communication between student affairs departments and police regarding at-risk students
  • Implemented Fall 07.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

  • Educated all LUPD officers on sexual assault response through 2 days of 3-4 hours of training hosted by an NOPD sex crimes detective, a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) nurse and a community outreach individual from the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children
  • Started a sexual assault peer educator group currently comprised of 6 undergraduate students to educate other students about various aspects of sexual assault (e.g., reporting rights, resources, etc.) through class presentations and residence hall workshops
  • Hosted Sex Signals program which discussed appropriate dating communication and sexual assault prevention and reached approximately 200 students
  • Implemented summer and Fall 07

Website Initiatives

  • Updated University Counseling Center and Student Health Center websites to reflect new staff, up-to-date hours of operation, new emergency services and updated electronic self-help information
  • Implemented Fall 07

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Provided substance abuse harm reduction outreach and programming in the form of the Great American Smokeout, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Carnival Kick-off, Spring Break Safety, etc.
  • Continued membership with the Louisiana Higher Education Coalition to Reduce Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs (LaHEC) and bi-annual administration of the CORE Alcohol and Drug Survey
  • Received a $25,000 grant from The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Program to assist with providing education and awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke, promoting the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline, etc.
  • Implemented Spring and Fall 07

Grant Applications

  • Applied for two grants to finance salary for a full-time counselor position given the high utilization rate at the University Counseling Center and the mental health crisis in the New Orleans community
  • Implemented Fall 07

Campus Safety

  • Hosted “The Compassionate Response” webinar for the university community in reaction to the Virginia Tech tragedy
  • Presented the “Helping Students in Distress” workshop to faculty and staff in the College of Business, College of Social Sciences, College of Music and Fine Arts and to the faculty and staff chaperones accompanying students for the summer study abroad program
  • Developed the Loyola New Orleans Pandemic Flu plan
  • Provided health education in the form of passive information and electronic communication regarding MRSA
  • Implemented Spring and Fall 07