Loyola Swimming Pool


The Swimming Pool is located on the 5th floor of the University Sports Complex. The lap area is 25 yards and has 6 lanes. On the other side of the bulkhead you can find a recreational swimming area. Equipment available at the pool includes kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and more.

Come in for a swimming workout, a water basketball game, or a recreational swim.

Summer Swim Lessons Starting June 3rd

Children's (3-12) Summer Swim Lessons:
   Session 1: June 3rd - June 13th
   Session 2: June 17th - June 27th
Cost: $125 for members of the Loyola Sports Complex and $150 for non members
Each sessions consists of 8 lessons (Monday - Thursday each week) that are 45mins long.
Time Slots Available: 10AM - 11Am - 12PM

Goals of the Loyola Swim Lessons:

  1. To aid the child in overcoming their fear of the water
  2. To teach basic "water safety" skills as well as the knowledge to make each child safe while in, on, or around the water.
  3. To have fun and enjoy themselves while in, on, or around water
  4. Further enjoyment after the child's initial introduction to the water has been achieved.
  5. To instruct the child in (a) proper body alignment, (b) to keep head in the water while swimming, (c) proper breathing techniques with the face in the water while swimming.
  6. To teach the four basic competitive strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly
  7. To develop a child's endurance to swim each stroke in the 25 yard pool.
  8. Beginning Level Swim Lessons are set up for 3 years and up. There are 3-4 children per instructor. This level is where most students begin. At this age, our goal is not to teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive independently in the water.  Young children should always be supervised around the water since they are easily scared and confused.

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are $40 per 45min lesson and are set up through our swim lesson instructors.

For more information about swim lessons or to sign up for swim lessons please contact TJ Natal 504-864-7375 or tanatal@loyno.edu


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