SophoMORE Initiative

The SophoMORE Initiative is a student affairs-based program designed to support sophomore students in answering important life questions. Through a broad range of intentional events and programs, the SophoMORE Initiative will assist students in discovering their strengths, developing their talents, and applying skills and strategies to enhance leadership development, academic and career success, and community and social well being. The SophoMORE Initiative guides second-year students through this decisive period with programs focused on self-reflection and discernment.

Why a SophoMORE Initiative? Sophomore year is identified as the critical time when students need to develop a sense of purpose if they are to derive maximum value from their education. If students develop that sense of purpose, and a concurrent sense of fit, then the result is enhanced student engagement and retention. Listed below are some of the programs sponsored by the SophoMORE Initiative:

SophoMORE Swamp Stomp

Welcome back party for new and returning sophomore students, celebrating the end of the first year and kicking off the beginning of the sophomore year.

Vocational Discernment Lunch Series

The Career Development Center and iLIVE will sponsor discussions on career exploration and vocational discernment. Topics include the struggle to "find careers leading to a meaningful life," the balance of work and personal lives, and the importance of community involvment.

SophoMORE Discernment

On-campus, joint program with Career Development Center and Mission and Ministry where sophomore students have the opportunity to identify their interests, gifts, and talents by using university resources to explore connections between calling, interests, strengths, and meaningful work.

SophoMORE Spirit

Sophomore students join the Loyola Community for sport and spirit as they cheer on the Wolpack against rival men's basketball teams.

SophoMORE Leadership Initiative

In partnership with iLIVE, the Student Leadership Initiative is a one-day conference open to all Loyola students with special offerings exclusive to sophomores. The conference includes multiple breakout and round table sessions where students will learn networking with professionals and peers.

For more information about the SophoMORE Initiative, contact Heather Roundtree, Director of Co-Curricular Programs, or Tamara Baker, Associate Director of the Career Development Center.