Reporting Obligations

Any member of the Loyno community*, including visitors and non-affiliates, who become aware of actual or potential sex discrimination, should report the incident immediately. Reports can be made verbally, in writing, or via electronic incident reporting forms. The University is obligated to take action in order to provide a safe non-discriminatory environment for all. 

*With exception to those listed as confidential resources

Reporting Guidelines

  • If you are classified as a confidential reporter, you need not disclose any information to the University.
  • If you are classified as a private reporter, you must only report aggregate data to the Compliance Officer, Tommy Screen.
  • If you are classified as a responsible employee, you must report all relevant information that has been reported to you, including the names of the accused and/or victim, dates, locations, etc. A responsible employee is defined by the Office of Civil Rights as an employee:
  1. who has the authority to take action to redress sexual harassment/misconduct;
  2. who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct or any other misconduct by students to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate designee; or
  3. who a student reasonably believes has this authority or duty.
  • Campus Security Authorities carry the responsible employee responsibility in regards to Title IX reporting, but they must always report aggregate data to University Police. Please note Sexual Harassment is not considered a Clery reportable offense; Clery offenses include sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic abuse.

It is important to 1) notify a student of your reporting obligation - prior to them sharing information with you - so they can make an informed decision of whether they would like to speak with you or somebody with a different reporting obligation; 2) explain their right to request confidentiality and/or a specific resolution (i.e. no investigation), which will be evaluated by the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy; and 3) advise them of resources on campus that hold a private or confidential reporting obligation. 

If you need to file a complaint under Title IX for sex discrimination, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or another department listed below:

  • Regardless of the status of the accused party, any incident may be reported to the Compliance Officer: Tommy Screen,
  • If the accused party is a student, you can contact the following Title IX Deputy Coordinators or contact Student Conduct, (504) 865-3428:
  1. Lex Kelch-Brickner, Chief Student Conduct Officer, (504) 864-7151
  2. Nikolina Camaj, Assistant Director of Residential Community Standards, (504) 861-5410
  • If the accused party is a faculty member, you can contact Title IX Deputy Roger White, 504.865.2697.
  • When the accused party is an administrator or non-teaching staff member, you can contact Title IX Deputy Ross Matthews, Director of Human Resources, (504) 864-7914.
  • When the accused party is any other individual on campus (including visitors) contact Director of Risk Management, Jayme Naquin, (504) 865-3141.
  • For immediate emergency response, contact University Police, (504) 865-3434.