Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and activities that receive federal funding. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, dating violence, domestic abuse, and discrimination within housing, athletics, and employment. If you believe you have been a victim of discrimination on the basis of sex or are aware of discrimination occurring, Loyola encourages you to report the incident.

What To Do  Reporting Options


Loyola University New Orleans is an educational environment dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement, personal development, social responsibility, and is committed to the human dignity and worth of every person.

Loyola University New Orleans does not tolerate sexual misconduct, including assault or rape, both of which violate Loyola University New Orleans’ Student Code of Conduct and Louisiana Criminal Code. Members of the Loyola community, guests and visitors have the right to be free of sexual violence. Members of the Loyola community are expected to conduct themselves in a way that does not violate the rights of others.

Download Title IX & Clery Policy


Contact Information

  • Tommy Screen, Director of Government & Legal Affairs/Compliance Officer: for general assistance and official notification to the University, (504) 865-7082
  • Student Affairs: Lex Kelch-Brickner, Assistant Director of Student Conduct, to file a report, change living accommodations, and official notification to the University, (504) 864-7151
  • Human Resources: Ross Matthews, Director of Human Resources, if a Loyola staff member is involved and for official notification to the University, (504) 865-7914
  • College of Arts & Sciences: Roger White, PhD., if a Loyola faculty member is involved and for official notification to the University, (504) 865-2697
  • Risk Management: Jayme Naquin, Director of Risk Management, if the respondent is a non-Loyola community member (sub-contractor, vendor, etc.) and for official notification to the University, (504) 865-3141
  • University Police: for immediate emergency response and official notification to the University, (504) 865-3434


Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Information 


Confidential counseling, support, and advocacy


  • University Counseling Center: for confidential counseling
    (504) 865-3835
  • Mission & Ministry: for confidential counseling and support*
    (504) 865-3226
  • Student Health Services: for confidential medical assistance
    (504) 865-3326
  • Women's Resource Center: for advocacy and support
    (504) 865-3082
  • Request Housing and/or Class Schedule Changes: the Office of Student Affairs
    (504) 865-3030

*Mission & Ministry may service as  private or confidential resource.


Download Reporting Flowchart 



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