Services Provided

Student Affairs, led by the Vice President, assists with the many challenges, questions, and concerns students have as they move through the college experience. We encourage students to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities on campus. The following are some of the broad range of services that we offer to students and the community:

  • Serve as a student advocate.
  • Provide leadership in a crisis situation.
  • Assist students as they adjust to campus life.
  • Explain and interpret University policies so that students gain an understanding of their role in campus life.
  • Inform students about available academic and student affairs resources.
  • Serve as a resource for faculty and staff.
  • Update the Student Code of Conduct and enforce standards of behavior that reflect Jesuit values.
  • Contribute to the policies and programs that insure campus safety.
  • Establish effective working relationships with neighborhood associations and other colleges in New Orleans.
  • Provides recognition and support for all student organizations.
  • Coordinate and present Student Orientation, offering programs and activities that introduce the Loyola community to new students.
  • Through iLIVE, provide each undergraduate student strategic cocurricular experiences and opportunities to discover, develop and apply principles that lead to building ethical and meaningful lives.