Preparing for the Long Break

The Residence Halls will be completely empty for several weeks during the Winter Break holiday, so it's very important that students prepare their rooms and take everything they might need with them, including any medications they might require. Building access is suspended during the break and all of the staff leave, so there is no way to get into the building if anything is left behind.

Electronics and Refrigerators:  Before each student leaves, they are required to unplug everything in their room, including any fish tanks and refrigerators.  This also requires that any food in the refrigerator be removed and the refrigerator needs to be defrosted. To defrost the refrigerator, leave the door open and place a towel underneath.  Even if it's clean, leaving a refrigerator closed up for several weeks will cause it to get stinky.

Trash: Even small amounts of trash can produce a big odor when left in a closed space for weeks at a time. Trash should never be left in a room for more than a couple of days before being taken out, but leaving it for several weeks is a good way to attract pests like ants and other bugs.

Air Conditioning: Before leaving, students should set their units to a low, cool temperature. The air conditioning in most rooms circulates the air that's already in them, so leaving the air conditioner on a really cold (or hot) setting for a long period of time will push the temperature in that room to the extreme. This also uses an exorbitant amount of electricity.

Windows and Blinds: It can be easy to forget to make sure the windows in the room are completely closed, and with the inclement weather during the break leaving a window open could cause a lot of damage that students would then be responsible for. Closing the blinds then helps keep the room temperature constant over the break.

Room Inspections:  After the students have left, the Residential Life staff sweep the entire building, inspecting each room to ensure it's prepared for the long break. Rooms that aren't prepared properly will be prepared by the Residential Life staff, and the occupants of the room will be charged for any cleaning that is required.