Safety On Campus

Loyola is proud of the safety and security that students feel when they live on campus. In fact, in annual satisfaction assessments, students rank safety and security as the thing we do best!

This page is a jumping-off point for you to explore aspects of safety on campus at Loyola. Our goal is that each campus resident and parent has quick and ready access to the information and resources they need to continue our tradition of safety and security on campus.

"Facing life's challenges is easier said than done. Loyola is here to help any time, any day. A professional counselor and a Residential Life Area Director are available to respond to after-hours emergencies 24/7 and can be contacted via LUPD at (504) 865-3434."

Safety Quick Tips

  • Lock it up- Always lock your residence hall room and car doors. This seems like common sense, but most thefts on college campuses are crimes of opportunity, presented when a door is left open or unlocked.
  • Take it with you- If you are studying in the library or student center and need to take a break, take your computer, bag, and books with you. Never leave personal items left unattended for any period of time.
  • Pay attention- Be aware of your surroundings and use your senses. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.
  • Travel in groups- Don't walk alone, especially at night. Stay with a group of friends, and make sure that whoever came with you leaves with you... every time.
  • Keep safety contacts handy- Save important phone numbers and emergency contact information in your phone now, before you ever need to use it. Include numbers like your parents or guardian, University Police, the RA on Duty for your residence hall, your physician, and friends that you know you can count on when you need a hand.
  • View LUPD's Crime Prevention Tips for lots more.

Campus Resources

Loyola University Police Department

LUPD operates out of Biever Hall on Loyola's Main Campus, and also has a satellite station on the Broadway Campus. They can be reached 24/7, for any type of emergency, by calling (504) 865-3434.

Silent Witness Form

Report crimes or danger anonymously through a simple online form. 

Clery Information- Campus Crime Statistics

Federally mandated information regarding crimes reported on or near campus.

University Counseling Center

Offers free counseling and other services to the Loyola community.

Additional Resources from Public Safety

Loyola offers many more resources to students, including shuttles, campus escorts, BOLO notifications, Blue Light emergency phones, bicycle registration, and more...

City Resources

NOLA Ready

Register at to receive weather alerts, road shutdowns, emergency notices, and other timely info from the City of New Orleans by text message.

Project NOLA offers news, information, resources, and discussion forums.