The Loyola Express Card

What is the Express Card?

Your Loyola Express Card is your official Student ID. Your Loyola Express Card is more than just an identification card. You’ll use it for everything from checking out books from the Monroe Library to getting through the door at the University Sports Complex. You’ll use the Express Card if you have a meal plan or live in the residence halls.

Plus, the Express Card is a fast, safe, convenient, and economical way to make purchases all over campus. You simply deposit money into your account and then purchases are deducted from your balance. The Orleans Room, Satchmo's Deli, The Market, Flambeaux's Grill, Smoothie King, CC’s Coffee, Dunbar's, Loyola Bookstore, University Sports Complex, and residence hall washer/dryers all accept the Loyola Express Card.

Who is Eligible to Use an Express Card?

Currently enrolled Loyola students may carry and use an Express Card, so long as they have paid all required tuition and fees and are in good standing with the University. Cardholders are required to surrender their Express Card upon separation from the University. Non-students may not carry or use an Express Card.

Why Use the Express Card?

You get a discount! The card lets you purchase food and drinks from food service outlets at a discounted tax rate. That means convenience and savings all in one card.

Just present your card to the cashier and your account will be deducted for the purchase amount. Your balance is displayed and printed on your receipt after each transaction, so you’ll always know how much you have left.

Express Card funds are deposited into your personal account and may only be used by you for purchases. By using your card, you reduce the need to carry cash while you are on campus. If your card is lost or stolen, you can contact Parking Services/University ID Office or any cashier to freeze your account. Replacement cards are issued from the Parking Services/University ID Office in Biever Hall for a nominal $15 fee, which is charged straight to your tuition bill.

You won’t have to worry about figuring out your checkbook balance before you buy textbooks or running to an ATM machine for cash.

Immediate Access
All students automatically have an account set up. You can start using your account once you receive your ID. Just contact the Bursar’s Office and place the necessary funds in your account.

Easy Deposits
There are a number of ways to add money to your Express Card. The Bursar’s Office accepts cash or check deposits to increase the balance on your card. Deposits can also be made by Visa, MasterCard or E-Check with a $25.00 minimum. The Bursar’s Office can process these deposits (V/MC or E-Check) in person or over the phone by calling (504) 865–2388 during normal working hours.

Excess financial aid for books, supplies, etc., can be transferred to your card. Please visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in Thomas Hall, Room 410, to request this transfer.

Overpayments on your tuition account can be transferred to your card by contacting the Office of Student Finance at (504) 865-3337 or by stopping in the office in Thomas Hall, Room 406.

How to Place Funds on Your Express Card

Stop by the Bursar’s Office to add money to your Express Card by cash, check, Visa/MasterCard or E-Check. The Bursar’s Office is located in Thomas Hall, Room 206. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. If you can’t make it to the office, feel free to call the Bursar’s Office at (504) 865-2388 to make a deposit to your card with a Visa, MasterCard or E-check. Once funds have been placed on your Express Card, they cannot be removed unless you are graduating, transferring, or otherwise leaving the university.

Extra Benefits 

In addition to being an identification and purchasing card, the Loyola Express Card gives you other benefits across campus. Your card is encoded to allow you to check out books from the library and allows you access to the 24-hour computer labs located in the Monroe Library. It is also your access to the University Sports Complex and all intercollegiate athletic home games. If you live in the residence halls, your Loyola Express Card is also your access card to the front doors and other areas of your hall. If you purchase a meal plan, your Express Card is your passport to campus dining.

Loyola Express Card Account Policies
Deposits to the Express Card can be made anytime and your balance will carry over into successive semesters. Balances in excess of $10 in a Loyola Express Card account will be refunded ONLY if a member officially severs ties with the university by graduating, transferring, or otherwise leaving the university.

Refund forms may be completed at the Office of Student Finance and must be accompanied by written proof of separation unless you are graduating. Refunds will be applied first to any outstanding university debt, with remaining funds issued, by check, to the student. 

While you are a registered student, your account remains active. Accounts that are inactive for more than six months will be closed and all remaining balances will be forfeited.

Important Phone Numbers
If you experience problems with your Express Card, please contact the appropriate University office:
Bursar’s Office (Acct. balance/add money to account)... 865-2388
Parking Services (Replacement ID cards/temporary cards) ... 865-3000
Dining Services (General inquiries about campus dining options and catering) ... 865-2127
Residential Life (Residence Hall access; Meal Plan and Wolf Bucks questions) ... 865-2445
Student Finance (Excess tuition funds) ... 865-3337
Scholarships and Financial Aid (Excess aid and book vouchers) ... 865-3231
University Sports Complex (Sports Complex and Intercollegiate games access) ... 864-7539