Join Our Residential Life Team

Our pro-staff team is energetic; hard working; team oriented; and motivated by possibilities, challenging the staus quo, and finding creative solutions to complex problems. We are grounded in our Jesuit heritage, The Speed of Trust, and StrengthsQuest. We value transparency, follow-through, creativity, personal responsibility, fun and celebrating our accomplishments!

Available Positions for Fall 2016

  • Community Director (2): Learn more about what makes our Community Director positions distinct from other similar opportunities

About Our Team

Org charts only provide a snap shot into how a department operates. It's difficult to gain perspective on staff dynamics, institutionalculture and other nuances of a department. We hope ours information communicate a little about what we value in terms of a tranformative student experience. Click here to learn more! 

Interview Preparation

We believe in transparency and understand this is a mutual matching process. We also believe the questions we ask you and you ask us in an interview screening and in the official interview process help communicate values. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions to help prepare you for your interview and learn more about what it could be like working with our team!

How do I officially apply? 

We will be searching at the The Placement Exchange (TPE) this March. However it is important that you also apply through Loyola's Human Resources department. If you are not attending TPE, you may still apply through Loyola's Human Resources website