Accessing Wolf Mail for the First Time

As an official member of the Wolf Pack, you have a Loyola sponsored Gmail address!
Your username will be the first letter of your first name, middle initial and the first 6 characters of your last name. Ex. John H. Smith: his username would be "jhsmith". Your Loyola email address is:
Memorize it. Cherish it. Check it often! Your Loyola email address is how the university talks with students. Information about financial aid, school closings, housing, meal plans and class information will all be sent to this email.

Steps to Access your Loyola-sponsored Gmail Account:

1. Go to Loyola's Home page:, click on Student email, or
2. You will be prompted for your user name & password


 Your username is the portion of your email address before

Initial Password:

 Your initial password will be the Loyola default, which is:
·         First 2 characters of your first name (for example- If your first name is Emily, this would be "em"
·         Last four digits of your Social Security Number (for example- xxx-xx-0000)
·         Letters "lu"
Example Password in this instance: em0000lu
Questions? Please contact Information Technology at 504-865-2255