Accessing Wolf Mail for the First Time

Prior to arrival on campus, Residential Life will generally communicate with new students via the preferred email address that you provided on your university admissions application. If this email address is incorrect or no longer active, you will not receive communications about housing. All communications will be migrated to Wolf Mail during the summer prior to the start of fall classes.

Some students, including Exchange students and late applicants, will receive university emails at their Wolf Mail address by default, so it is important you know how to access your Wolf Mail account.

Follow these simple steps for your initial login:

1. Access Wolf Mail by clicking on the link in the upper-righthand corner of any Loyola web page. You can access Wolf Mail directly here:

2. Your Wolf Mail username is displayed in your LORA account. Generally, your username will be up to eight characters long, and will include your first two initials followed by the first six letters of your last name. For example, a student named Marcus A. Johnson would have Wolf Mail username of 'majohnso'. Your Wolf Mail address is always your username follwed by '', in this case: If you have troubles finding or accessing your username, please contact the University Help Desk at or (504) 865-2255.

3. Your initial password consists of the first two letters of your first name followed by the last four digits of your Social Security Number. It will look something like 'ma1234'. International and Exchange students who do not have a SSN should contact the Center for International Education for help.

4. Upon your first login, you will be required to choose a new password.

5. If you prefer to use an external email provider like Gmail or Yahoo!, you may set Wolf Mail to forward automatically to another account.