Five Ways to Boost Your Mood After Mardi Gras

 In addition to mild winters here in New Orleans, we are also fortunate to have an entire festive season AFTER the Christmas holidays: Mardi Gras. New Orleans embraces and celebrates the days between Epiphany and “Fat Tuesday” like no other American city.  This year was especially exciting as we had an entire week of Super Bowl celebrations in addition to the parades, parties and revelry leading up to Lent.

Now that we are beginning the Lenten season, it’s natural to feel a bit of a let down. Whether you’ve given up chocolate, TV, hamburgers or something else dear to you, here are some ideas on how to enjoy the rest of winter and welcome Spring in high spirits:

Go Outside

Spending as little as ten minutes per day out-of-doors gives you a dose of Vitamin D, which boosts your serotonin levels, a basic element of a happy mood.

Enjoy Fish Fridays – any day!

Eating fish at least twice a week will enhance your diet with Omega-3s, which is a key mood-boosting nutrient. Catfish, salmon, tilapia and tuna are all great sources.

Gather with friends

Plan to spend at least one meal a day with friends in the OR. Gathering around the table helps establish connections, which can bolster your sense of community and actually increase your happiness. Grab a table with cushy seats and enjoy the company.

Drink Tea for a fresh focus

Short days and cool temperatures can cause you to wonder if you’ll ever wake up! If you are feeling “fuzzy,” try this: trade your daily coffee or soda for black or green tea. Why these teas? Because they are rich in the amino acid theanine, which has been shown to favorably combine with caffeine to boost your attention and focus. You’ll find both kinds of tea in the OR, at The Market, CCs and Jazzman’s on the Broadway campus.

Get Grateful – in five quick steps

One effective way to put daily pressures into perspective is to quickly name five things you are grateful for TODAY. By giving yourself a “pop quiz” in gratitude you can bring yourself back into a positive frame of mind.

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