Leadership and Social Justice

 Emerging Leaders LEAD Themed Living Community 

At Loyola, we believer leadership and social justice are inseparably tied. Our leadership programs are structured based on, among other things, The Social Change Model of Leadership (1994). This values-based model shows us how the process of leadership can facilitate social change. According to the Social Change Model, leadership happens at individual, group, and societal levels. Each level involves certain critical values individuals can develop within themselves to strengthen their leadership:


  • Consciousness of Self: How aware are you of your own strengths? Your weaknesses? The ways you are percieved by others? The information you know and do not know? What motivates you? 
  • Congruence: Do you always act in accordance with your personal values? How authentic and honest do you consider yourself? Are you honest with yourself?
  • Commitment: Have you found your passion? Are you able to follow through on projects that matter to you? Do you inspire others to do the same? Do you put forth your full effort?


  • Collaboration: Are your groups able to share ideas and get things done with harmony? Do your groups trust each other? 
  • Common Purpose: Are your groups able to identify their shared goals? Are your groups able to compromise or innovate to find solutions all group members can get behind?
  • Controversy with Civility: When conflict breaks in the group, are group members able to navigate this conflict respectfully and with regards to the conflict's full context? Are group members able to understand conflict as inevitable and important? Are group members able to openly, but compassionately, acknowledge and approach areas of conflict? 


  • Citizenship: As an entirety, do individuals understand their relationship as part of a collective whole for change? Is personal responsibility to community growth recognized, celebrated, and appreciated? 

We utilize the social change model across all of our leadership programs to ensure students are becoming effective leaders for social change. 

Leadership at LOYNO

Students have many different options for getting involved with leadership at Loyola. Some options include:

  • The Emerging Leaders Program: an excellent option particularly for first and second year students, this brief community building program introduces students to important concepts and ideas of leadership while also opening the door for future leadership experiences.
  • The LEAD Themed Living Community: Incoming students with previous leadership experience are encouraged to be part of this living community in Buddig Hall. Students will live with other leaders and gain access to special trainings and resources to further their leadership development. Particularly focused on the group values section of the Social Change Model, these students also work together to contribute to the New Orleans community in leadership-based service projects.
  • Magis: This annual recognition of student leadership at Loyola celebrates the accomplishments of student leaders across the university. Save the date! The next Magis Awards ceremony is scheduled for April 23rd , 2019 at 7:30PM.

  • L.I.T. Conference: The L.I.T. (Leading, Innovating, Transforming Conference) is a peer-led conference by and for students. The conference provides students the opportunities to showcase their skills and learn from others, all while having a good time! L.I.T. is a perfect way to experience leadership for everyone, whether you have had a lot of experience with leadership, or just a little. Mark your calendars for November 3rd, 2018 from 10:00 - 3:00 pm. 
  • StrengthsQuest: All Loyola students have access to this leadership inventory based in positive psychology - simply create an account with your LOYNO login information. Frequently used in trainings across the university, students can also set up an appointment with Moira Phippen (below) to discuss their results. 
  • Student Government Association ("SGA"): SGA has opportunities for students of all years - including first years! First Year Council is a great way to begin learning about leadership if you are interested in eventually becoming part of SGA.
  • Student Organizations: Students who decide to pursue e-board positions get incredible leadership experiences under the mentorship of their advisor and with support throughout the year from the Department of Student Involvement. 
  • Leadership Specialists & Social Justice Advocates: These students are ones who have completed their Emerging Leaders Certificate and decided to go on to support the development and facilitation of leadership and social justice related events on campus. 
  • Omicron Delta Kappa: This leadership honors society recognizes the most talented and accomplished rising juniors and seniors on campus. Invitations are sent in early March. Selected applicants are then interviewed before being admitted to the honors society. These students organize higher level leadership initiatives on campus and are recognized at the Magis celebration.


If you have any questions about the Emerging Leaders Program or Leadership at Loyno, please contact Dale O'Neill, Director of Student Involvement at dmoneill@loyno.edu or at 504-865-3622.