Brave Spaces

 The Brave Spaces series offers an opportunity for Loyola students to engage with the wider New Orleans area and in dialogue with one another. This series brings people creating social change in the New Orleans community to talk to LOYNO undergraduate students about how they can do the same. Trained student facilitators are paired with accomplished community professionals to engage students in these critical conversations. Refreshments and snacks are provided. 

Past events include:

  • BLACK LIVES MATTER: Activism & Organizing for Human Dignity
  • PRAY FOR THE WORLD: Managing Communal Trauma & Grief
  • AMERICA IN TRANSITION: Celebrating Transgender Awareness Month

Learning Goals

  1. Students will learn more about issues confronting the New Orleans community. 
  2. Students will identify hands-on accessible ways to address systems of oppression in New Orleans.
  3. Students will reflect on their own identities in terms of race, gender, sexual/romantic orientation, ability, and/or class in the context of larger social issues. 
  4. Students will practice their dialogue and listening skills with diverse groups of peers. 

Spring 2017 Calendar

All dates and times are tentative. Follow the Department of Student Involvement facebook page for up to date information. 

Brave Spaces: Prison Reform
Connect with various activists, organizers, and scholars doing work against hyper-incarceration and other forms of prison reform. Explore what this topic is about and how you can help. 
February 2nd, 2017; 6:30-8:00PM
Audubon Room

Brave Spaces: Disability Justice
Connect with various activists, organizers, and scholars doing work related to disability justice. How do we change our culture from one that patronizes disability to one that celebrates different bodies and experiences?
April 6th, 2017; 6:30-8:00PM
Audubon Room

Inclusivity and care for the whole person is at the heart of Jesuit values. I'm so glad to gain more perspective on the struggles of others, and I'm hoping this experience will help me combat the root of those issues in the future. Loyola is my home and I feel so loved here. I want to extend that sense of belonging to everyone on this campus. Understanding other people's daily lives, their stories, their trials, and their sources of strength is key to creating a truly inclusive community

- Anonymous Attendee


Should you require an interpreter, have a dietary restriction, or any other need, please do not hesitate to reach out. All questions, comments, and ideas are welcome to Moira Phippen, Assistant Director of Leadership & Social Justice, at