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The Ignatius Loyola Institute for Values Education (iLIVE) provides each undergraduate student strategic cocurricular experiences and opportunities to discover, develop, and apply principles for building ethical and meaningful lives. iLIVE provides students ways in which to learn and live the values of Loyola University New Orleans, enhance academic commitments, and transition into lives of service to others.

The Ignatius Loyola Institute for Values Education, formed by Jesuit and Catholic values, sponsors programs and activities encouraging the processes of reflection and discernment, which leads students to define their personal ethical code. Activities include opportunities for students to discover, develop, and apply distinctive strengths, talents, and skills to the following: intentional exposure to wellness initiatives; speaker and lecture series on current issues and leadership topics; career discernment; commitment to diversity; character development; and service. Find out more about iLIVE through Student Involvement »