Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to your questions about Student Health Services and its services at Loyola right here.

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About Student Health Services

What are the hours for Student Health Services?
Fall and spring semesters: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:45pm. Same Day appointments or nurse consultations are available on a first come first serve basis.

Summer semester: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:45pm. Summer enrolled students may be seen by a nurse practitioner only on Wednesdays between 8:30am-4:45pm. Same Day appointments or nurse consultations are available.

Where is Student Health Services located?
We are located on the basement level of the Danna Student Center.

What is the cost for services?
Most health care services are provided without charge. Laboratory tests requiring off campus analysis and immunizations are available for a fee. Students are responsible for paying for prescription medications.

Who are on staff at Student Health Services?
The Student Health Services staff includes an Internal Medicine physician, nurse practitioners, registered nurse and a medical assistant who serves as office manager. Our staff are employees of the Ochsner Health System.

What is a nurse practitioner?
A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has an advanced degree with clinical training. Practicing under state rules and regulations, NPs provide clinical health services for the acute and chronically ill along with a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education. NPs can also prescribe medications.

Do I need an appointment?
Student Health Services offers same day appointments or nurse consultations on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to call the office to determine wait times.

Eligibility and Privacy

Who is eligible to receive medical care at Student Health Services?
All currently enrolled Loyola University New Orleans students are eligible to utilize health services.

If I attend Loyola during the fall/spring semester(s), can I be seen at Student Health Services during the summer months if I am not enrolled for the summer semester?
Due to legal policies at Loyola, you must be enrolled and attending classes at the time of your medical visit. Student Health Services can only treat those students who are enrolled at the time of requested medical care.

What about my privacy?
Strict confidentiality laws are upheld and firmly respected. All medical records are kept confidential and are not part of a student’s academic record. Copies of medical records are released only with the express written consent of the student.

Treatment and referral

What are common illnesses treated at Student Health Services?
Common ailments treated include but are not limited to: asthma, common cold, UTI's, STD's, conjunctivitis (pink eye), flu, sinusitis, sore throat, sprained ankle, and upset stomach.

Does Loyola have a pharmacy?
No. If medication is prescribed by the medical staff, then the student is responsible to fill the prescription at a local pharmacy of the student's choice. Students are responsible for covering the cost of prescription medication.

What if I need further medical care?
A referral to a specialist is provided when deemed necessary by Student Health Services providers.