About Student Health Services

Prescriptions for health and happiness

Student Health Services provides primary healthcare treatment for and education about personal health issues for both residential and non-residential, full-time and part-time students. Student Health Services is staffed with contracted medical professionals from Ochsner Health System and include an Internal Medicine physician, nurse practitioners, registered nurse and medical assistant.

Student Health Services has a laboratory which performs several tests and has a contract with LabCorp for lab testing, if necessary. LabCorp Services will be billed either to the patient or private insurance.

No fees are charged for treatment in Student Health Services. However, patients are responsible for fees accociated with prescriptions, lab work, immunizations, or x-rays ordered by the medical staff. Patients are also responsible for any hospital services and off campus clinic visits, such as Urgent Care, medical specialists and dentists whether or not the patient was referred by Student Health Services.

Student Health Services makes referrals to local hospitals and walk-in clinics.

Loyola students are encouraged to contact Student Health Services if hospitalized. Once notified, the department will make arrangements to inform the student's college dean's office and faculty of the hospitalization.

Same Day appointments or nurse consultations are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

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