Sexual Assault Victims' Resources

Medical, legal, judicial and mental health resources are available following a sexual assault. View a list of options.

In addition, the Advocacy Initiative is a network of students, faculty, and staff who are trained to work with individuals in the wake of sexual assault. Advocates are both compassionate and knowledgeable, and they can provide the vital link between persons in need and available resources.

Advocates will ensure privacy for discussion of sensitive topics and will maintain heightened sensitivity to personal information disclosed. However, Advocates cannot guarantee strict confidentiality. Advocates are required by federal law to report if they have knowledge of a sexual assault.

If you have questions about working with an Advocate or would like more information on how to become an Advocate, contact Alison Cofrancesco at  

Diane Blair 504-869-3399
Laura Alexander 504-865-3732  
Isolda Pazo 504-559-8106
Donna Rochon 504-864-7272  
Francisco J. Puzo 504-559-8108
Jamaya Johnson 504-247-5804
Sonja Rusek 504-292-2096
Brian Lossier 858-395-9958  
John Huynh 202-677-1198  
Kimberly P. Hilson 605-661-2531
Julia Hussey 214-729-1482
Brenda Vollman 504-865-2923
Paula Saurage-Ruiz 504-865-3592 alt. phone: (504) 812-8827
Mary Hines 504-864-7118  
Augustin Crespo Franco 787-642-3749  
Caitlin Webster 323-893-1170  
Madison Roach 314-630-8928  
Samantha Regner 402-415-8072
Ashley White 504-319-9608