About the University Counseling Center

The mission of the UCC is to provide the campus community with professional services in the area of psychological counseling. The UCC recognizes the developmental nature of student life and therefore services may be educational and/or preventative in focus. We support the larger mission of Loyola University to uphold the dignity and value of each person as created by God, to foster a commitment to wholeness of mind, body and spirit, and to maintain a compassionate response to the community. The UCC also serves as a resource in its areas of responsibility and consults with all university personnel as appropriate. In addition, the UCC seeks to evaluate the needs of students and the efficiency of operation through research activities. Finally, the UCC contributes to the development of the counseling field by providing practical training opportunities to graduate students studying counseling and social work.

The University Counseling Center is proud to share its accomplishments and new initiatives in the 2016-2017 Student Affairs annual report.