Sophomore Year Experience

Sophomore Year Experience is a program designed specifically for second year students.  Initiatives within this program will provide opportunities for you to meaningfully connect with Loyola community members and create pathways to resources, which support your progress through your sophomore year and beyond!


Students participating in the Sophomore Year Experience will develop meaningful connections with peers, faculty and staff, explore their academic and vocational interests and develop a stronger understanding of their personal identity.

What will YOU do?: Program Goals

  • Develop your Identity: Discover who you are in relation to self and others.
  • Engage in Academic Life: Explore opportunities to enhance your curricular experience through academic support resources.
  • Create a Sense of Belonging: Build meaningful relationships with peers, faculty and staff and find community at Loyola University New Orleans.
  • Explore Career and Vocational Interests: Engage in self-assessment to develop and implement goals that reflect a unique role in the world of work and commitment to a life of service to others.

How Will You Do It?: Engagement Opportunities

  • Sophomore Move-In Day (August 16, 2019): Move-in day begins at 9 am on August 16, 2019!  We will have excited student, faculty and staff move-in voluteers to welcome you! 

  • Sophomore Year Internship Program: Begin gaining more meaningful employment experiences by participating in the Sophomore Year Internship Program, which is designed to help sophomores secure internships, support their career exploration, and promote their readiness for the workplace. To learn more, make an appointment with a career coach on Handshake here!

  • Sophomore Kick Off (September 10, 2019): You concurred your first year and had a long and exciting summer!  Reunite with your friends and meet some new ones at your kick-off to sophomore year cook out!

  • Sophomore & Junior Retreat (January 25, 2020): The Sophomore & Junior Year Retreat is an opportunity to deepen your relationships with classmates while applying Ignatian discernment and career development tools to your career/vocational interests and aspirations. This day-long retreat for sophomores and juniors will be held on January 25. This retreat will facilitate career exploration, helping you to develop a practical plan for achieving your career goals and post-graduate success . The fee is $10, and fee waivers are available. Register here by January 17th. Contact Brent McLemore for more information or for a fee waiver.   
  • Half-Way There Fair (April 23, 2020): You have made it to the halfway point!  Congratulate yourself and your peers as we honor this milestone.  Join us for a celebration with food, fellowship and unveiling of a new tradition just for sophomores!

  • Food for Thought: In New Orleans, we love to converse around a meal! This program will treat you and a faculty member of your choice to lunch in the Orleans Room on us! Just visit the Department of Student Life and Ministry to register and receive your FREE meal ticket.

  • Sophomore Year Experience Newsletter: To help our second years stay in the know with programs and resources, sophomores will recieve our quarterly newsletter.

    • Click here to see our Summer 2018 newsletter.
    • Click here to see our Fall 2018 newsletter.
    • Click here to see our Winter 2018 newsletter.
    • Click here to see our Spring 2019 newsletter.
    • Click here to see our Summer 2019 newsletter.
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  • Sophomore Bucket List: Check out our Bucket List of suggested opportunities to engage in during your sophomore year.  

 To learn more about Loyola's Sophomore Year Experience Program, click here