Pastoral Counseling

Inclusion Statement:

Recent violence, abroad and closer to home, affects all of us. It is natural and reasonable to feel anger, sorrow, despair, fear, powerlessness, defensiveness, frustration, confusion, hopelessness and/or numbness in response to the national and international climate and continued acts of aggression, oppression and brutality. Student Life and Ministry recognizes the emotional toll that these events take on our students as individuals and our community as a whole and we are here to help without judgement, assumptions or bias. If you need a safe space to process, or if you want assistance coping, please contact the Student Life and Ministry office at (504) 865-2670 or a minister of your choice. SLM acknowledges the continued work of self-reflection, accountability, and openness to others necessary to create a community of inclusiveness, dignity and compassion. As such, we are committed to helping you on this journey, and committed to our own work towards intercultural competency. Please know that you are not alone, and that we are here to listen and to support you.


Spiritual Direction:

University ministers are trained to assist others with any spiritual needs. They offer a warm and trusting welcome to all, a "home away from home" where students, faculty and staff can find a listening ear and an understanding heart. Contact the Student Life and Ministry office at (504) 865-2670 or a minister of your choice to inquire about spiritual direction.

The Priest Is In:

Fr. Gregg Grovenburg, S.J., is present in the Manresa Den (First floor, Bobet Hall) every Wednesday, 8-9pm for pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and/or the sacrament of Reconciliation.  Stop by to say hi!

Pastoral Counseling:

Pastor James Simmons of Beacon Light International Baptist Cathedral is available every Friday, 12noon-3pm, in the Manresa Den (Bobet Hall, First Floor) for pastoral counseling.  Stop in to talk about whatever may be going on in your life!  Contact Pastor Simmons at


Grief Counseling:

University ministers are trained to assist people in times of despair. Resident ministers are also available in each residence hall or you can contact any University Minister. We work with members of the Counseling Center at Loyola to make referrals if that is necessary. Student Life and Ministry also provides opportunities to gather for ritual remembrances of loved ones every fall and spring, and at other times when requested. Please contact the Student Life and Ministry office at (504) 865-2670 or any University Minister for help.