L.I.T. Conference 2017

 The L.I.T. (Leading, Innovating, Transforming) Conference kicks off for its first year in 2017. This student leadership conference is designed  to provide students an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and abilities while gaining conference experience.

L.I.T. thanks its organizing committee, including:

  • Marisa Jurczyk
  • Bri Daniels
  • Cami Casaw
  • Fallon Chiasson
  • Rula Thabata
  • Celeste Lavelle
  • Chandler Hixon
  • Shaye Patton
  • Mari Nerbovig

Participating in L.I.T.

Keep an eye on this space for RSVP links and more for this year's L.I.T. experience. In the mean time, save the date for March 11th, 2017, from 10AM-4:30PM. 

The L.I.T. conference is run by students for students and offers 9-12 different workshops. As a conference attendee, you will attend 3 shared sessions (including lunch) and select your choice of 4 student-led workshops. Workshops are hands-on in their learning approach and cover a variety of topics. Participants will also see the work of a local artist as a featured keynote of the conference. After the conference, you are welcome to join any of our given receptions, where you can learn more about different groups on campus doing leadership work for social change now. 

Attending L.I.T. has many benefits, such as:

  • Learn invaluable skills from peers
  • Treat yourself to a free lunch, and, should you choose to stay for a reception, dessert!
  • Complete the Emerging Leaders certificate in one day! You will only need to have attended (or plan to attend) 2 qualifying events for your remaining electives. 
  • Get a free goodie/swag bag
  • Network with other leaders on campus

Facilitating & Leading at L.I.T. 

Applications to propose a workshop at L.I.T. are now open! If selected, students will be paired with an accomplished student leader who can help them refine and grow their proposal in time for L.I.T. 

Groups who would like to host a reception at L.I.T., including free dessert provided by the conference, can contact Moira Phippen at mpphippe@loyno.edu for more information.