Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith Ministry at Loyola is designed to meet the spiritual needs of students from many faith backgrounds and to educate students about diverse faith traditions. Through partnerships with faith organizations in the Greater New Orleans area, our students and staff develop individual and ongoing programming that meets these ministry needs.

Interfaith Council

A body of students, faculty and staff that promotes dialogue and programming throughout the year, including those programs listed below.  Learn more.

  • Feasting on Faith: Encountering Sterotypes, September 25th:  Discussion on experiences with stereotypes and their place in culture.
  • Advent Wreath Drop and Channukah Candle Lighting, Dec. 2nd, 9pm, Peace Quad: Observing the beginning of Advent and Channukah with sufganiyot and Advent Wreath cookies, Channukah and Christmas music.
  • Feasting on Faith: Women in Your Religion, Friday, Jan. 11th, 6pm, Orleans Room:  Interactive dinner focused on the role of women in attendees' religious traditions.
  • Interfaith Gratitude Banquet, April 25h: End-of-year celebration of gratitude for the past year.  Intended as a "bookend" to the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the year.

Interfaith Services/Resources

Franklin Avenue Baptist Church hosts worhip in Satchmo's Lounge on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.

Pastor James Simmons III of Beacon Light Cathedral is available for pastoral counseling every Friday, 12-3pm in the Manresa Den (first floor, Bobet Hall).  Contact Pastor Simmons at

Interfaith Prayer Room (Danna Student Center, Lower Level): Open whenever the Danna Student Center is open, available to individuals and small groups on a first come, first served basis for prayer and meditation.

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