Emerging Leaders at Loyola University New Orleans

The Emerging Leaders Program (“ELP”) centers itself on the belief that all people have leadership potential. Participating students will engage in workshops allowing them to explore their values, strengths, and passions in order to fully realize and understand their own leadership philosophies. ELP is ideal for first and second year students interested in exploring leadership at greater depth. Not only will students learn more about themselves, but they will also engage with others to practice leadership skills and plan for their future.

Students who complete all three core sessions and any three elective sessions of their choosing will be eligible to receive a leadership certificate recognizing their developed expertise.

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ELP Core Sessions

  • Intro Session: What Kind of Leader am I?
    • Participants will take the StrengthsFinder to discover their top 5 strengths and reflect on the values that drive them to leadership.
  • Mid-Semester Session: My Leadership in Context
    • Participants will discuss how various factors in the world around them have affected, will affect, and should affect their leadership style and approach.
  • Capstone Session: The Leader I Will Be
    • Participants must prepare a 5 minute presentation highlighting a local leader in their life, whether in their family, Loyola, or New Orleans that symbolizes the type of leader they want to be.  Participants will also create visionboards representing how they hope to become that leader.

Elective Sessions

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If you have any questions about the Emerging Leaders Program or Leadership at Loyno, please contact Moira Phippen, Assistant Director of Leadership and Social Justice, at mpphippe@loyno.edu or at 504-865-3621.