Explore Majors

As you explore various majors and the opportunities they represent, here are a list of resources that we offer to help you gain clarity and insight along the way. 



The SuperStrong™ assessment is a major and career exploration tool that can help you define your occupational interests and then use that insight to find a career that is tailored to fit you. The assessment can be taken within a matter of minutes (like 5), and the results are immediately reviewable without an appointment with a career coach. Having narrowed the seemingly limitless possibilities of types of careers, the tool provides you with an opportunity to explore a more focused sampling while also providing greater insight into both what drives you to succeed and what you enjoy, allowing you to choose a major wisely and make the most of your time at Loyola and beyond. You can take this assessment now by clicking here.


What Can I Do With This Major?

It's important to ask questions before deciding on a major or on a career.

  • How will my choice of major impact my career choices down the road?
  • What classes will my major require and will they give me the knowledge I need to succeed in my career?
  • What are common careers that people pursue with my degree?

What Can I Do With This Major? is a great tool for exploring the range of career options in a multitude of majors. It also lists links to other career sites that provide additional information about other career options.



Strong Interest Inventory

In addition to strengths and personality preferences, interests often play into major choice and career direction. Based on Dr. John Holland's six career categories, or Holland Codes, the SII provides insight to how an interest in sports, politics, music, or nature can relate to career options. To take this assessment, please make an appointment with a career coach here.



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Some students find that an in-depth report expressing their psychological preferences can help them establish a career path that best fits their natural inclinations. MBTI results indicate how an individual prefers to perceive, interact with, and make decisions in the world around them. Based on the theories of Carl Jung, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory can help students work more efficiently in teams, better express their strengths and preferences, and establish preferences in an ideal work environment. To take this assessment, please make an appointment with a career coach here.



Loyola Course Bulletin

As you explore majors, it can be a good idea to examine the classes involved in the Loyola Course Bulletin. Chances are, if you are interested in the courses, the major may be a good fit for you. Visit the program descriptions and requirements posted on the Loyola colleges’ webpages and talk to an academic advisor for that college:


Holland Codes Matched to Majors Infographic

The infographic below connects our majors to the Holland Codes - the set of occupational themes used in the SuperStrong and Strong Interest Inventory assessments.