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Did you know that only 20% of all job opportunities are posted or advertised. Develop a personal job search plan that is multi-leveled, utilizes proven several strategies for success, and uncovers both posted and hidden job leads. Read the Career Development Center’s handout on Job Search Strategies to put together an individualized and comprehensive plan.

Learn about careers.

Unleash the power of networking.

Perform informational interviews.

Participate in reciprocity among career centers. Many schools across the country, and Jesuits schools in particular, provide a level of service to students from other schools; each school determines what resources they will offer. If you find a career center that you would like to visit, it's necessary to contact the CDC at Loyola for a letter of reciprocity before making an appointment with that school’s center.

Utilize the e-job boards Loyola has either purchased or researched for you.
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