Discover and Define Yourself

College is a time of discovery. You discover new friends, new places, new interests, and new things about yourself. Be intentional. Take this time of discovery to discern who you are and what you offer to the world. Investigate what your strengths are, what your interests are, what your values are, and how these relate to personal, academic, and career success.

At the Career Development Center (CDC), we offer several tools to help you through this quest. Our tools are vocational assessments, not tests. These vocational assessments indicate how your personality, values, talents, and interests can link you with potential career areas, and give you the tools to explore the various fields available. Access to these assessments requires a consultation with a career coach to receive instrument instructions and another consultation for interpreting your results.

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

Some students find that an in-depth report expressing their psychological preferences can help them establish a career path that best fits their natural inclinations. MBTI results indicate how an individual prefers to perceive, interact with, and make decisions in the world around them. Based on the theories of Carl Jung, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory can help students work more efficiently in teams, better express their strenghts and preferences, and establish preferences in an ideal work environment.

Strong Interest Inventory

In addition to strengths and personality preferences, interests often play into major choice and career direction. Based on Dr. John Holland's six career categories, or Holland Codes, the SII provides insight to how an interest in sports, politics, music, or nature can relate to career options. 


The Career Development Center staff works in harmony with the university’s mission of developing the whole person. Utilizing the assessment tool StrengthsQuest, we are able to assist you in identifying your talents and how your gifts work within organizations and teams. This resource provides a language that helps you articulate your goals, contributions to an organization, and an understanding of your uniqueness in the world. The results of each student’s assessment are interwoven throughout student life and academics. Speak to a career coach about how to access StrengthsQuest.