Partner with the CDC

Do you remember how hard it was to decide on your first career or attain that ever- elusive experience that employers require of new hires? Well, things have not changed for the better. In fact, with the current economy, these issues are even tougher than some of us experienced as students and entry-level hires. You’ve supported the university in many ways, from paying tuition to making donations during fundraising events. And we thank you. But there are other ways you can support Loyola students and alumni. Consider partnering with the Career Development Center. You won’t believe how rewarding it can be to affect a student’s future success.

What can you do? Here are a few ways we can use your help.

Hire Loyola Talent

You know Loyola and the value of a Loyola education. Pass this knowledge on to your organization, clients, and professional associates.

From part-time jobs and internships to full-time careers, our students and young alumni are looking for opportunities to apply the theories and skills they’ve learned during their college careers. If your organization is looking for employees or interns, learn about what makes Loyola students ideal candidateshow to promote positions, and how to build your organization’s presence on Loyola’s campus.

Become a Resource

The learning process for students is much richer when they receive the information from the source. The contribution of your success stories, interesting experiences, industry and discipline knowledge, and even career mistakes could be a real gift to our students. Learn how you can become a resource for our students as they explore careers, build job search tools, and practice professional development skills by sharing your expertise.