Message from the Director


Tamara Baker,
Interim Director
Loyola University New Orleans
Career Development Center

With your student, you’ve chosen a school that supports your student’s dreams and goals. Whether it was a specific program, the foundation in Jesuit values, location, financial package, or intimate learning environment, something drew you to Loyola and allowed you to trust us with educating and preparing your student for a great future.

The Career Development Center staff takes this trust to heart. Through self-discovery, career investigation, professional skills development, coaching sessions, and numerous resources, we provide students with opportunities and steps toward a purposeful and fulfilling career. The problem is that many wait until their senior year, or even later, to come to us for assistance. This greatly limits our ability to share our resources and experiences with them. It also ignores meaningful and valuable experiences during the college career that open doors for success. We need your help.

There are a number of things you can do to support your student as they explore options, create their career plan, and embark on their journey. A Parents' Guide to Career Development, by Thomas J. Denham, from, is a helpful source as you begin this journey with your student. Additionally, be aware of the ideal career planning timeline for college students and check in with your student to see how they are progressing.

We are grateful for the privilege of getting to know your student and hope our relationship starts early in his or her academic career. Our greatest reward is watching and contributing to their professional development as they get ready to make a difference in our world.

Tamara Baker
Interim Director