Collaborate with the CDC

We know we’re not alone in our mission. We understand fully that faculty and staff are invested in the future of Loyola students as well, which is why the CDC believes that collaboration with faculty and staff across Loyola’s campus is essential. Partnership is a necessity; therefore, we work with faculty and staff in each department to provide integrated services for our students. Through partnership, we can all help students find careers where they find themselves.

Our Center Operates on the Liaison Model

Each college has an assigned career coach, who focuses on the special needs, desires, and culture of that college. E-mail or call your college’s coach, or contact our director Jill Boatright, to get the process started. We look forward to working with you.

School of Mass Communication

Jill Boatright, Director and Career Coach,

College of Music and Fine Arts

Katie Bandy, Assistant Director and Career Coach,

College of Arts and Sciences

Brent McLemore, Associate Director and Career Coach,

Faculty Staff and CDC Collaboration Can Take Many Shapes

Here are a few ideas to get us thinking of ways we can work together to support you and your students’ needs:

  • Help us get the word out about our services.
  • Let us connect you with one of our employers or graduate school professionals to be a guest speaker for a class.
  • Invite us to speak on a professional development or career-related subject in your class.
  • If you are an advisor to a student organization, recommend the programming chair contact us for programming support.
  • Ask us to cover a class for you when you will be out of town or ill.
  • Be a facilitator or moderator for one of our programs.
  • Co-sponsor a special event for your students.
  • Post our programming calendar in your office.
  • Refer a student for a one-on-one session to start the vocational discovery and discernment process, revise a resume, or apply to graduate school.
  • Integrate professional development into your curricula.
  • Let us provide you and your students with information about career paths supported by their majors.
  • Encourage or require your students to attend CDC programming.
  • Allow us to share best practices and other resources, as you develop an internship program. 

The ideas are endless. We can share names of professors with whom we’ve had great success, so you can hear directly from your colleagues about the value of working with the CDC.