Post Jobs or Internships

If you have a part-time job, full-time job, or internship that you want advertised to Loyola students, take advantage of EMPLOYOLA. This job posting service is entirely free for employers and allows you to post jobs and internships and edit the details as needed.

In EMPLOYOLA, you will find a complete set of instructions to help you post positions. You will also be guided through the creation of your advertisement. The more information you provide, the better students can determine if your position piques their interest. As you think about your ad, consider these elements:

  • Employer Name
  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • Job Title
  • Position Description
  • Requirements
  • How to Apply
  • Deadline

Once a position has been filled, you have the ability to return to EMPLOYOLA and remove your posting.

Register with EMPLOYOLA today. If you have any questions about EMPLOYOLA or would like further assistance, contact the Coordinator of Recruiting Services at (504) 865-3860 or